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MS Final Review Game

What is the purpose of the internal nasal cavity?
What is the definition of respiration?
What is the definition of ventilation?
Decreased CO2, causing pH to increase above 7.45 is........
The 3 areas of the pharynx are:
TRUE/FALSE Elderly are at higher risk for respiratory disease.
TRUE/FALSE Hypoxia is an increase in O2 inspired air
TRUE/FALSE When using IV contrast, signed consent is needed
TRUE/FALSE During thoracentesis, the pt should be in left sideline position
General s/s of a sinus infection include
TRUE/FALSE Tonsils and adenoids are lymphatic tissue and common sites for infection
Laryngeal trauma causes neck swelling, bruising and tenderness. If the tissues surrounding the larynx are greatly swollen the client may exhibit _______ harsh sounds during respiratiom
Which upper respiratory disorder is characterized by recurrent and frequent episodes of upper airway obstruction and reduced ventilation?
What pt education should be given for a pt with atelectesasis?
What type of breathing exercises help control respiratory rate?
For a pt with emphysema what is the safe dose for oxygen therapy via nasal canula?
What should the normal range be for O2 and PaCO2?
What is pneumothorax? How is it treated?
Explain atelectesasis. What pt are more susceptible to the disorder?
Explain pulmonary toliet
TRUE/FALSE ARDS is a chronic condition that only older adults get?
What drug class of medications are used to treat TB? Give 3 examples
What is the difference between respiration and ventilation?
Upon admission of a new resident the nurse begins assessment. Based on the client's medical history, which of the following should the nurse identify as bone formation retardants and increase the resident for risk for fracture?
The procedure that involves the aspiration of synovial fluid is called?
Uses the IV injection of a radionuclide to detect the uptake of the radioactive substance by the bone
Identifies the composition of bone, muscle, or synovium by removal and the laboratory inspection of a specimin
Uses the radiopaque contrast or air injected into a joint to view irregular surfaces and movement of the joint
Tests the electrical potential of the muscles and nerves leding to muscles
Internal inspection of a joint using an instrument called an arthoscope
What are the 3 types of bones cells?
What job is tasked to each of these types of bones cells?
TRUE/FALSE The outer layer of the bone is called the periosteum?
How many bones are in the human body?
Upon observing a client's posture what 3 skeletal curvatures might the nurse assess for?
What structure attaches muscles to bone?
What test may be performed to diagnose an injury to the bone or surrounding structures?
Created by: ahart