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Physical Milestones

CPN Physical Milestones & types of play

lift head 2 months
follows to midline 2 months
posterior fontanel closes 2 months
eyes can track objects 180 degrees 3 months
raises head and neck when lying on stomach 3 months
notices own hands 3 months
takes objects 4 months
grasps rattle 4 months
begins to roll over stomach to back 4 months
rolls over from back to front 5-6 months
transfers objects from hand to hand 5-6 months
reaches 5-6 months
sits with support 5-6 months
pushes up on knees and hands and rocks back and forth 5-6 months
sits without support 8 months
develops pincer grasp 9 months
feeds self bottle or cheerios 9 months
crawls 9 months
stands holding on 9 months
claps hands 10-12 months
waves bye-bye 10-12 months
pulls self up to stand 10-12 months
cruises 10-12 months
walks with support 10-12 months
may take first steps 10-12 months
anterior fontanel closes 12-18 months
walks 12-16 months
shows interest in toilet training 18-24 months
climbs stairs 21 months
runs and jumps 24 months
bladder reaches adult functioning 24 months
day time dryness 2-3 years
night time dryness 3-5 years
solitary play 12-18 months
parallel play 18 months-3 years
plays peek-a-boo 7-9 months
rake objects like a paw 4 months
dresses self 3 years old
uses scissors 3 years old
throws a ball overhead 4 year old
hops and stands on one foot for up to 5 seconds 4 years old
dresses self well 5 years old
run, jumps, skips, and hops 5 years old
somersaults 5 years old
imaginative play Preschool
dramatic play Preschool
cooperative play School Age
team play School Age
Vision matures 6 years old
Breast development 10 years old
Pubic hair in female 11 years old
Height spurt in females 12 years old
menarche 13 years old
Order of female puberty breast development, pubic hair, height spurt, menarche
testicular enlargement 11 years old
pubic hair in boys 12 years old
height spurt in boys 13-14 years old
looses first primary tooth 6 years old
builds a tower of more than 6 blocks 3 years
Created by: iTwiz