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AJ 5 Final

Finals Flash Cards

Denim Days Woman raped in Italy was deemed partially responsible because her jeans were so tight, judge ruled she must have actively participated in the act
Sexual activity between close family members (closer than second cousin) is called.... Incest
What is SARK, and SART Sexual Assault Response Kit, Team
Which drug is the most frequently used with the most frequent arrests Marijuana
This term for a narcotic derives from the name for the Greek God of dreams Morphine. The Greek God of dreams is Morpheus
Name three categories of psychoactive drugs (choose from list of 6) Stimulants, Depressants, Hallucinogens, Inhalants, Cannibis, Club aka Designer Drugs
What does Controlled Substance mean? Any substance that is regulated or out lawed
Name 3 types of Stimulants Amphetemine, Ritalin, Cocaine, Caffiene, Nicotine, Methamphetamin
What is a Clan lab? A Clandestine (hidden) lab.
1. Name 3 types of depressants. 2. What plant are these drugs derived from? 1. Morphine, Codeine, Heroin, Opium, 2. Poppy Seeds
Which drug can be categorized as a Stimulant, Depressant, and a Hallucinagen Marijuana
________________ comes from the opium poppy and is used intraveneously Heroin
Name three type of Date Rape ...aka Club Drugs GHB, Rohibnal, Ecstacy, Special K
Name the three ways that the defense can win at trial Impeach the evidence, Impeach the officer, or Create confusion and delays
What is the most common defense challenge in regards to the material evidence Challenge the chain of custody
What are three ways the defense may try to impeach an officer Impeach the officers, training, Education, or Experience
Evidence that may be favorable to the defense and may indicate innocence is called Exculpatory Evidence
The source of most narcotics is... Opium
Name the two opium derived drugs most used today Codeine and Morphine
This drug not derived from Opium but is called an opiate due to its narcotic effect Methadone
True or False, Codeine is prepared naturally. False, Codeine is a synthetic drug from morphine
This drug class causes distortion i thought processes and perceptions Hallucinagens
What does LSD stand for? Lysergic Acid Diethylamide
What is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana? THC
Created by: JeromeG
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