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Wildflowers 2017

Wildflowers Names

Scientific NameCommon Name
Apiaceae- Daucus carota Queen Anne's Lace
Apiaceae- Eryngium leavenworthii False Purple Thistle
Asclepiadaceae- Asclepias asperula Antelope Horns
Asclepiadaceae- Asclepias viridis Green Milkweed
Asteraceae- Gaillardia pulchella Indian Blanket
Asteraceae- Cirsium texanum Texas Thistle
Asteraceae- Achillea millefolium Yarrow
Asteraceae- Baileya multiradiata Desert Marigold
Asteraceae- Coreopsis tinctoria Plains Coreopsis
Asteraceae- Dracopis amplexicaulis Coneflower
Asteraceae- Helianthus annuus Common Sunflower
Asteraceae- Ratibida columnifera Mexican Hat
Asteraceae- Rudbeckia hirta Black-eyed Susan
Asteraceae- Taraxacum officinale Common Dandelion
Asteraceae- Echinacea sanguinea Purple Coneflower
Bignoniaceae- Campsis radicans Trumpet Creeper
Bignoniaceae- Catalpa speciosa Catalpa
Brassicaceae- Dimorphocarpa wislizenii Spectacle Pod
Brassicaceae- Rapistrum rugosum Bastard Cabbage
Cactaceae- Opuntia phaeacantha var. discata Prickly Pear
Cactaceae- Opuntia violaceae var. macrocentra Purple Prickly Pear
Cactaceae- Opuntia lindheimeri Texas Prickly Pear
Cactaceae- Opuntia leptocaulis Christmas Cactus
Caprifoliaceae- Lonicera sempervirens Coral Honeysuckle
Caprifoliaceae- Lonicera japonica Japanese Honeysuckle
Caprifoliaceae- Lonicera albiflora White Honeysuckle
Commelinaceae- Commelina erecta Dayflower
Convolvulaceae- Convolvulus arvensis Bindweed
Convolvulaceae- Convolvulus equitans Texas Bindweed
Convolvulaceae- Merremia dissecta Wood Rose
Cornaceae- Cornus florida Dogwood
Cucurbitaceae- Cucurbita foetidissima Buffalo Gourd
Euphorbeaceae- Cnidoscolus texanus Texas Bull Nettle
Euphorbeaceae- Euphorbia bicolor Snow-on-the-Mountain
Fabaceae- Astragalus leptocarpus Milk Vetch
Fabaceae- Lupinus texensis Bluebonnet
Fabaceae- Melilotus albus White Sweet Clover
Fabaceae- Melilotus indicus Yellow Sweet Clover
Fabaceae- Prosopis glandulosa Honey Mesquite
Fabaceae- Erythrina herbacea Coral Bean
Fabaceae- Wisteria sinensis Chinese Wisteria
Gentianaceae- Eustoma russellianum Blue Bells
Gentianaceae- Eustoma exaltatum Texas Blue Bells
Gentianaceae- Sabatia campestris Meadow-Pink
Lamiaceae- Monarda citriodora Purple Horsemint
Lamiaceae- Monarda punctata White Horsemint
Lamiaceae- Salvia coccinea Scarlet Sage
Lamiaceae- Salvia farinacea Mealy Sage
Lamiaceae- Salvia lycioides Canyon Sage
Lamiaceae- Salvia lyrata Cancer Weed
Lamiaceae- Physostegia virginiana Obedient Plant
Lilliaceae- Allium canadense Wild Onion
Lilliaceae- Hymenocallis liriosme Spider Lily
Lilliaceae- Cooperia drummondii Rain Lily
Magnoliaceae- Magnolia grandiflora Magnolia
Malvaceae- Callirhoë involucrata Wine Cup
Moraceae- Maclura pomifera Osage Orange
Nymphaeaceae- Nymphaea odorata Fragrant Water Lily
Onagraceae- Oenothera speciosa Evening Primrose
Orchidaceae- Spiranthes parksii Navasota Ladies'-tresses
Papaveraceae- Argemone albiflora White Prickly Poppy
Papaveraceae- Argemone mexicana Yellow Prickly Poppy
Passifloraceae- Passiflora incarnata Passion Flower
Pontederiaceae- Eichhornia crassipes Water Hyacinth
Ranunculaceae- Delphinium carolinianum Larkspur
Rosaceae- Rosa setigera Pink Prairie Rose
Rosaceae- Rosa laevigata Cherokee Rose
Schrophulariaceae- Castilleja indivisa Indian Paintbrush
Schrophulariaceae- Penstemon cobaea False Foxglove
Solanaceae- Quincula lobata Purple Ground Cherry
Solanaceae- Solanum elaeagnifolium Silver-leaf Nightshade
Solanaceae- Solanum rostratum Buffalo Burr
Verbenaceae- Verbena halei Texas Vervain
Verbenaceae- Glandularia bipinnatifida Dakota Vervain
Verbenaceae- Phyla nodiflora Texas Frog Fruit
Verbenaceae- Lantana horrida Texas Lantana
Violaceae- Viola bicolor Wild Pansy
Viscaceae- Phoradendron tomentosum Mistletoe
Zygophyllaceae- Tribulus terrestris Goat-head
Zygophyllaceae- Larrea tridentata Creosote Bush
Created by: LaoMei
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