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A&P 2nd Nine weeks

Anabolic metabolism includes Constructive processes by which substances are synthesized
In dehydration synthesis of a large carbohydrate Monasacchrides are joined together
when a sucrose molecule is decomposed to yield a glucose molecule and fructose molecule,what is used up? a water molecule is used
what are enzymes? lower activation energy initiate or speed up metabolic reactions are not changed or consumed as a result of the reactions they control
How does the oxidation that occurs during cellular respiration differs from burning in that respiration? utilizes enzymes to start the process
what is the model used to illustrate how an enzyme interacts with a substrate molecule lock and key
Describe DNA replication Takes place during interphase,involves pulling apart the two strands of the DNA molecule and results in two identical strands of DNA with one old strand and one new strand of nucleotide
what is a DNA molecule ? consists of to strands is twisted into a helix and it is composed of nucleotide joined together with hydrogen bonds
If a strand of DNA molecule contained the base sequence C,T,A,G,C the complementary strand would contain the base sequence G,A,T,C,G
The transfer of genetic information from the nucleus into the cytoplasm is a function of messenger RNA
During the process if protein synthesis,amino acids are positioned in the proper sequence by molecules of transfer RNA
The process of copying DNA information into the structure of RNA is called Transcription
The enzyme catalase acts on the substrate hydrogen peroxide
A mutation is a DNA that results in a change of the protein that will be formed
what are mutagens? Substances that causes changes in the DNA such as viruses radiation ,etc
What are the four basic types of body tissues ? Epithelial ,connective,muscle tissue,nervous tissue
where does a basement membrane occur ? Between the epithelial
Epithelial tissue function in secretion ,protection,absorption
The tissue
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