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the odyessy

what is an epic long story peom
who does homer ask for help at the start of the Odyssey? the 7 muses
who is the "man skilled in all ways of contending", the wanderer, harried for years on end...? odysses
what does this statement mean; " But not by will nor valor could he save them, for their own reckless destroyed them all" the whole crew would die because of how they acted
what dooms the ody's crew eating the sun gods sacred cattle
all the gods had pity on ody, except which god? posieden
what Telemachus doing while his father was missing? searching for ody/ his father
who keeps ody for the longest amount of time calypso
how long was ody with calypso 7 years
how is ody released from calypso's island? Zeus commanded Hermes to tell calypso to release ody
what two activities was calypso doing when she found ody? weaving and singing
what happens when ody sets off of calypso's island? posiden destroys his raft
how does ody get to another island after his raft was destroyed? athena and a sea nymph help him
where does ody wash up? Scheria
Who finds Ody in Scheria? Nausiciaa
Why do the Phaecians show Ody so much respect and hospitality? beacuse guests are said to be godsent
who is Ody's father Leartes
Where is Ody from? Ithica
which 2 goddesses detained ody on his journey circe and calypso
Where was ody's first stop after troy Ismaros
What was his second stop after troy? Lotus eaters island
3rd stop after troy? Lustania
4th stop after troy? Cyplops' island
5th stop after troy? Aeolia
6th stop after troy? circe's island
what did circe tell him to do after he left her island go to the underworld
Where did ody go after his trip to the under world? back to circe
7th stop after troy and circe? past the sirens
Where did he go after the sirens scylla
where else could he have gone after sirens other than scylla? charybis
where did ody go after scylla? Helios' island
what did ody's crew on the Helios' island (Thrinikia)? eat his sacred cattle
what happened after his crew ate the cattle? whole crew killed by zeus
Where did ody go after his whole crew got killed? calypso's island
where did ody go after calypso's island Scheria
Where did Ody go after Scheria Home/ Ithica
how did the cicones fight? on horse-back
how do they end up on the lotus eater island? storm destroyed ship, drifted to island
what did the lotus on the island do to the men? made them want to stay and not want to go home
what does ody have to do to keep his men on the ship after leaving lotus eater island? has to tie them to the ship
what is the cyclops' name that ody meets? Polyphemus
how is ody so clever? he is guided by Athena
what does Ody ask the cyclops to show? asks to show his crew hospitality
what does the cyclops eat? men, he ate part of ody's crew
how do they escape from cyclops island? hide under sheep to get away from polyphemus
what does ody do that shows hubre/ accessi ve pride he tells the cyclops his real name right before he leaves
where do ody and his crew go after cyclops island? Aeolia
whose island is Aeolia Aleolus the wind god
what does aeolus do to help ody puts all wind into a bag to keep the sea calm on their journey home
what does ody's crew do when they find aeolus' bag of wind they open it up and create a hurricane that sends them back to aeolia
why won't aeolus help ody the second time? he says that they are cursed by the gods and there is nothing he can do
after aeolia where do they go circe
the laestrygonians are canibals how many of the the crew do they eat? they eat 11/12 ships of men from ody's crew
where do they go after the laestrygonians? they go to Aeaea, circe's island
what does circe turn ody's men into when they are on her island? pigs
who gives ody advice before he enters circe's house? hermes him something to weaken circe's powers
how do they get past the sirens? tie up ody, plug in the crews ears so they can't hear
which 2 monsters could they pass by after the sirens? scylla and charybdis
which monster do they pass by after the sirens? scylla
what is scylla 6 headed sea monster
how are ody's men punished for eating helios' cattle? killed by Zeus.