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Anatomy & Physiology

Ch. 9 Nervous System

What are the functions of the nervous system? Feeling, Thinking, Remembering, Moving, & being aware of the world around you.
Another word for nerve cells. Neurons.
Name the two groups the organs of the central nervous system can be divided into. Central Nervous System(CNS), & Peripheral Nervous System
What organs make up the central nervous system? Brain & spinal cord
Where do the nerves of the peripheral nervous system connect? To the central nervous system
Integrated. Various parts linked or coordinated together.
Myelin Surrounds axon. Layers of lipid protein(lipoprotein)
Nodes of Ranvier Narrow gaps between myelin
Myelinated axon Axon with myelin
Unmyelinated axon Axon without myelin
Gray Matter Unmyelinated axons & cell bodies appear grey in the CNS
White Matter Groups of myelinated axons appear white in CNS
Sensory Neurons Carry impulse from PNS to CNS
Interneuron Found in CNS. Transmit impulses from one part of the brain/spinal cord to another
Motor Neuron Carry impulse out of CNS to board effectors
Synapse Point of communication between neurons
What are the 2 groups of neurotransmitters? Excitatory & Inhibitory
Excitatory Increases probability of nerve impulse ex. Acetylcholine
Inhibitory Decrease chance of nerve impulse ex. dopamine
Reflex Automatic subconscious response to changes within or outside body
Meninges Membranes located between bone and soft tissue of the nervous system
What are the 3 types of meninges? Dura matter, Arachnoid matter, Pia matter
Dura matter Outer most layer tough & fibrous. Function: Protect
Arachnoid matter Thin web like membrane between dura & pia
Pia matter Very thin with many nerves & blood vessels to nourish
Spinal cord Structure: Give rise to spinal nerves, Butterfly shape of gray & white matter. Function: Conducts impulses in/out of CNS
What are the 3 major portions of the brain? Cerebrum, Cerebellum, Brain stem
Corpus Callosum Connects hemispheres
Cerebral cortex Outer part of cerebrum made out of 75% gray matter
Cerebrospinal fluid Completely surrounds the brain and spinal cord occupying subarachnoid space
What is the function of the cerebrospinal fluid Support and protect
Thalamus relay station
Hypothalamus provides a link between endocrine and nervous system
Lymbic system animal brain
Mid brain reflex center for eye and sound
Medulla oblongata controls heart rate, respiratory rate and vasomotor
vasomotor blood vessels constricting/dialating
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