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Bio Vocab 205

Bio Vocab 205 Chapters 11-20 (Greek Bases)

Pha to speak
Plan wandering
Pleur side, ride, pleura
Xen host, stranger, foreigner
Lemm(a) Sheath, husk
Kym, Cym wave
Mit thread
staphyl bunch of grapes, uvula
Phrag to block up, to wall in
Pneu(a), Pneust breathing
Rhaph to sew, to suture
Spa to draw, to jerk
Hapl single
Loph crest, ridge, tuft
Lophi small crest, lophron
Cyn dog
Steth chest
Pale, Palae old, ancient
ornis, ornith bird
phem voice
gangli mass of nerve tissue, small cyst or swelling
balan acorn, the penis glans
Tok, Toc child birth
In fiber, muscle
Cleid clavicle
Carp Wrist
Cerc tail
Zym ferment, enzyme
Doch to take or receive
Ech Echo, repetition
Gli glue
Camp(t),Campyl bent
Bry moss
Rhach(i), rach (i), Rrhach the spine
Sphygm pulse
Spondyl Vertebra
Thel Nipple
Stern Chest, Breastbone
Tret(t) to bore, to perforate
Chor(l) fetal membrane (Chorion), tunic of the eyeball (Choriod)
clon(us) muscle spasm
Not the back
Adelph Brother
Tel(e) completion, end, purpose
Troch wheel, disk
Xyl wood
Opisth behind
Phy to grow
Pty to spit
stig pricking, mark, point
ec, oec, oek, oik, oic house
colla glue
spor seed, spore
om shoulder
por passage, pore
rhabd rod
ancon elbow
ptyal saliva
antr cavity, sinus
condyl knob, knuckle
alex to ward off
ton stretching, tension
trachel neck
pyl(e) gate, entrance
syring pipe, tube
spir coil
sphen wedge
chy to pour
goni angle
hal salt
corm trunk of a tree
chalmyd juice
bronch(i) air tube
sperm(a), Spermat seed, semen
Pali(n) again, back
Ta to stretch
Asc bag
All other, different
hemi half
pyr, pyret fire, fever
ede to swell
myx mucus, slime
Presby old
Oxy, Ox sharp, acid, oxygen
mes middle
cly(s) to wash
Lept thin delicate
Poie to make
cau, caus to burn
cli, clei to close
log word, speach, reason
dolich long
cleist closed
brachy short
cac, kak bad
crot pulse, beat
petr rock
phon sound voice
phot light
kerat, cerat, ker, cer horn, horny tissues, cornea
(H)apt to touch
Kary, Cary nucleus, nut
Onc, Oncus tumor, swelling
Nos disease
Pneum, Pneumat air, gas
Nem, Nemat thread
stere solid, three dimensional
sten narrow
Phylac(t) to guard, to protect
sep to rot, to purify
(H)aph sense of touch
lepid scale
sarc flesh
splen spleen
scler hard
sit food
phra to speak
glauc silvery, gray, green
Prophyr Purple
Thall young shoot
Pych, Pykn thick, frequent
Poikil varied, irregular, mottled
Xer dry
Zyg yoke
Thi sulfur
Lei smooth
Onym name
Ont being individual
Nyct night
mis hate
saur lizard
phyl race, class
splanchn entrails, viscera
Phthi to waste away
Pto to fall
Schiz, Schis(t) to split
Cente to puncture
heli sun
hom, home same, similar
hol whole, entire
malac soft
mer part
hypn sleep
Ide idea, mental image
cycl circle, wheel, cilary body of the eye
dendr tree
calypt(r) hidden
carp fruit
chord cord
Pyg buttocks
Rhiz, Rrhiz root
Thorac chest, thorax
Pyel pelvis, especially of the kidney
salping tube specifically "Eustachian or fallopian tube"
Pter, Pteryg(i) wing, fin
Phleb vein
Mel limb
Ankyl bent, stiff, adhesion of parts
tox poison
Pen deficiency, want
Pachy thick
hipp horse
oo egg
tach(y) swift
sapr rotten
sthen strength
platy(s) broad, flat
micr small, one millionth
macr large, long
narc stupor
gyr circle, ring
pex to fasten
pag united
lep to seize
trib, trip to rub, to crush
stear, steat fat, tallow
Ischi hip
sial saliva
laryng larnyx
Omphal naval
ur tail
Leuk, Leuc white
Xanth yellow
Phyc Seaweed, algae
cel(i), coel, cavity, abdominal cavity
Hyal glass, vitreous body of the eye
Gen(e),Gon to be produced, to produce
Gon seed
Pyrex fever
Thym mind, emotions
strept, stroph turned, twisted
Trich, Thrix hair
Chir, Cheir hand
Branchi gills
Brachi arm
Prot first, original, premitive
Mon single, one
Di twice, double
Kilo one thousand
Dich in two
Tri three
Deut, Deutr second
Tetra four
Hexa six
Penta five
Octa eight
Hept seven
enne nine
hect hundred
deca ten
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