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Engineering and Technology

Engineers must build a model of a design. What is another word for this model? prototype
Refrigerators, pencil sharpeners, and backpacks are just a few items that engineers designed. What is meant by the word design? to conceive an idea and prepare plans for it to be built
A cell phone is designed to help people communicate. How would a cell phone be classified? a product
Metersticks, screwdrivers, and calculators are all used to shape, build, or produce other things. How can these objects be grouped? as tools
Trains, railways, and safety signals at rail crossings all work together to move goods and people from place to place. What do all these parts make up? a system
Mr. Sharpe is concerned because the old wooden steps outside his house are loose. He wants to design a safer set of steps. What should he do first? brainstorm solutions
A company wants to build a new type of spaceship for transporting astronauts to the moon. What should they do first? identify needs
Camille’s family has several glass bowls that need to be protected during a move. Camille designs a way to pack the bowls. What would be the best way to test her design? make a prototype and test it using an egg
An engineer has designed and built a prototype to improve the brake system of a car. What is the next step that the engineer should take in the process? test the working prototype
A company decides to design and produce a new type of ice skate. What should the company do first? identify a need for new skates
Lonni drops a carton of eggs while helping her father unload groceries. She decides to make a new type of carton that would protect the eggs better. What is the first step Lonni should take in the design process? identify the problem
Jacob has noticed that when he opens his bedroom door, the doorknob hits the wall. He decides to design something to absorb the force of the opening door. He has identified the problem. What is the next step in his design process? brainstorm solutions
Tan designed a three-foot-tall wooden house for his kitten. Then he realized that the kitten could not scratch its claws against the smooth wooden walls. Tan decided to glue some carpeting on the outside of the kitten’s house. What did Tan do? evaluated solutions
Students in a class are designing a model amusement park ride. A cart slides along a rail until it hits a barrier and stops. How might the students prevent damage to the cart when it hits the barrier? make the barrier out of foam to absorb the cart's impact
Anna and Julio have designed and built a model plane. They want to find out how quickly it can fly. Which tools will be most helpful to them? measuring tape and clock
Olivia and Diane designed two different toy cars.They made one prototype red and the other blue. The red car moved faster but the blue one traveled farther. To decide which prototype is best, what do Olivia and Diane need to review? design goals
Created by: MissMeyer