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Define weathering. Natural wearing down of objects by elements in the environment.
Define erosion. Process of transporting weathered material
List all examples of each types of weathering. CHEMICAL~ Acid rain and reaction with oxygen. MECHANICAL~ Temperature, plant growth, and freezing and thawing
Define deposition. Deposit of weathered sediment.
What is the breakdown of Earth's crust into sediment called? Weathering
What is it called when weathered rock is carried away? Erosion
What does physical weathering involve? Water, wind, and temperature.
Which of these terms describes the process of acid rain wearing away limestone? Chemical weathering
Which of these is an example of erosion? Wind blowing away sediment.
What is the process called when a glacier deposits rocks in oceans and lakes? Depositing
What happens when weathering and erosion work together? Changes the environment.
On the right side of the screen, scroll until you see "EXPLORE DELACROIX, LA" then click on it. Scroll the mouse over the timeline at the top of he screen. What do you notice happening? That we are losing more and more land.
Read the information about Delacroix on he right side. What caused erosion to happen at a faster rate? In the 1930's with the dredging of shipping channels
What do they predict will happen in 20-30years? All the land will be gone.
Tornado Destructive
Volcano Both
Hurricane Destructive
Earthquake Both
Which three are caused by erosion? Sea Caves, Solution, and Erosional and Glacier Caves
The last one is caused by Lava