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Africa Geo Terms

Erg High shifting dunes in a desert basin
Reg A desert basin where the sand has been blown away leavening a gravel covered plain
Depressions Large low areas in the Sahara Desert
Wadis Dry streambeds that only fill up during heavy
Sahel A region of semi-arid climate along the southern edge of the Sahara
Desertification The changing of a semi-arid climate to an arid climate or a desert
Tsetse Fly an insect that carries a human diseases that prevents herding and framing in east Africa
Biodiversity An area that has many different kinds of vegetation like Madagascar SA
Pharaohs Rulers of kingdoms along the Nile river delta in Egypt
Hieroglyphs A system of writing developed by the Egyptians
Ivory Made from the tusks of elephants, lead to a great deal of ports and trading in east Africa
Afrikaners mostly Dutch settlers who settled in
Apartheid The legal separation of racesSanctions: Penalties intended to force a country to change a policy
African National Congress founded in 1912 it was the primary institution that fought the policies of the SA government led by Nelson Mandela
Berbers The original inhabitants of North Africa
Staple Crop A crop that is the main food source for a region
Millet and Sorghum Two staple crops in west and central Africa
Dual economies an economy in which some goods are produced for export while other goods are produced for local consumption
Gum Arabic a resource found in the Sudan that is used as a binder in candy and medicine
Genocide The international destruction of a people Rwanda in 1994
Informal Sector Operating businesses in nontraditional ways, such as repairing cars on the side of the road with portable tools
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