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Voc for English 2

ironmongery n. a dealer in metal hardware, locks
unhallowed adj. unholy; not religious
ramparts n. fortification; a mound of earth raised around a place
entreaty n. to ask urgently
trifle n. something of very little value
morose adj. gloomy
impropriety n. an improper act or remark
resolute v. determined; firmly set opinion
homage n. giving respect to; to hold in high regard
facetious adj. joking - often inappropriately
brazier n. a metal receptacle for holding coals to heat a room
misanthropic adj. a hater of humankind
garret n. an attic
congenial adj. sympathetic; agreeable
irresolution n. uncertainty of how to act or proceed
balustrades n. a row of balusters (upright supports) topped by a rail
waistcoat n. similar to a man's vest
caustic adj. corrosive; sharp, wears away
waggish adj. mischievous; humorous
remorse n. a distress arising from a sense of guilt for past wrongs
benevolence n. charitable; an act of kindness
apparition n. a supernatural appearance; a ghost
Created by: IamMurray