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Path T4


Bcell Immune Deficiency del 22q11.2
Drug that inhibits DNA methylation results in Increased CDK inhibitor protein
Nodular Hyperplasia Prostatic AdenoCarcinoma
Painless hematuria, mild-mod Atypia Urothelial CA lo grade
PTLD tx by dec Immunosuppression
GTCyclohydrolase Deficiency inc Phe in plasma-> seizure
Hot mail trucks Galactosemia test inc False Negatives
inc Endometrial CA risk not a/w N. Gonnorrhea, fever, bilat adnexal pain
Endometriosis Serous CystAdenoCarcinoma
Breast CA inc risk/ not a/w multiparity
Cervical CA not a/w inc Estrogen
Squamous CA progress from Bowen's Dz
Lower 1/3 epithelium, koilocytosis LSIL
Created by: mcafej02