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Path T3


Thyroid papillary carcinoma a/w ionizing radiation
Diabetic w/ hyaline arterial large vessel dz Ketoacidosis is not a complication
Head trauma, stiif neck, fever+Cerebral infarct SubArachnoid Hemorrhage
Head trauma+variable states of consciousness Epidural Hemorrhage
Diffuse Astrocytoma not a/w Diffuse Biphasic Histological pattern
Medullary Blastoma w/ favorable Prognosis Retina-S Ag, Rhodopsin, TrkC-R
Meningioma not a/w kids
CDKN2A del Oligodendroma
Alzheimer's Dz risk of head trauma
Huntington's Dz mut on Chr4 p16
Parkingson's Dz not a/w Frontal Lobe Atrophy
SubArachnoid Hemorrhage not a/w No Flow Phenomenon
Non-embolic Cerebral Infarct m/c coz Atherosclerotic Ig
Guillian-Barre Sx not a/w CNS White Matter Dz
DM late complication inc ketones by liver
Goiter, Hurthle cell, Lg Bcell Lymphoma Hashimoto's Thyroiditis
Goiter, multi-nodular, inc Thyroid H. Plummer[-Vinson]'s Sx
H/a, weak, inc Diastolic BP and Aldo, dec K+ and Renin Primary Adrenal Hyperplasia
Precocious puberty, inc growth not a/w dec plasma 17 OH-Progesterone
inc TSH, Inc reverse T3, nl T4 Non-Thyroid illness
Acute Hep B Lymphocyte Inflammation, Kupffer Hypertrophy, Acidophils
Duodenal Ulcer Exudate Necrotic fibrous granules
Adenocarcinoma not a/w Hi fat diet
Ulcerative Colitis not a/w Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Gl. Atrophy in stomach, anemia, inc Gastrin, hypoCl AI [destruction of parietal cells]
Piecemeal Necrosis, inc ALT/AST, inc Plasma cell Anti-LKM1 Ab
Fatal in pregnant women Hep E
Enteritis in small bowel tx w/ Broad spectrum Anti-biotic
Hyperplastic colonic polyp Saw-tooth/Serrated lumenal profile, crowded epithelium
Colorectal CA not a/w Sporadic Juvenile Polyps
Stuffy nose, multi-vesicular skin lesion, demarcated VZV reactivation [Shingles]
Squamous Cell Carcinoma in esophagus a/w Chronic Drinking and heavy smoking
Brain Abscess not a/w Arbovirus
Chronic Meningitis inc protein in CSF
Glial Blastoma Multiforme m/c 1* glioma, invade and seed CSF, recurs freq.
Non-traumatic SubArachnoid Hemorrhage a/w H/a, Seizure, Stiff neck, Ruptured Saccular Aneurysm
Growth H. CA a/w Diabetes Mellitus
Type 2 DM inc Amylin build up in Pancreatic islets
Plummer's Sx multinodular Thyroid gland
Medullary CA Radioactive Iodine tx
Follicular CA often metastasize to bone
Thyroglobulin detects recurrent Thyroid CA post resection
Acute Hepatitis, Hemolytic Anemia [Coombs negative] Wilson's Dz
Hypersegmented Neutrophils, gland atrophy, hypocloridia AutoImmune Dz
Hepatitis A 1 month incubation
Hepatitis A not a/w transfusion transmission
Huntington's Dz Not a/w Chr 19
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