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Mental Health ch 35

Mental Health ch 35 exam

What is an involuntary admission that can be done by a judge, a clinical psychologist, or a physician if the individual is thought to be a danger to self or others? Probating
Which acute psychiatric disorder has rapid onset of symptoms: disorientation, incoherent thought content, impaired cognitive function, symptoms worsen at night, illusions, hallucinations? Delirium
What is a persistent desire to be the opposite sex and desire to have the body of the opposite sex. Transvestic fetishism is associated with this disorder? Transsexualism
Which mental disorder is characterized by recurrent, multiple, physical complaints and symptoms for which there is no organic cause. It is a process whereby an individual's feelings, needs, and conflicts are manifested physiologically? Somatoform
Which type of delusion is the belief of being someone with great powers to control the situation Grandeur
What is sometimes referred to as nocturnal delirium, manifested by increased disorientation and agitation only during the evening and nighttime and is seen more often in older adults? Sundowning syndrome
What anxiety disorder is characterized by a fear of being in an open, crowded, or public place, such as a field, tunnel, bridge, congested streets, or busy stores, where escape may be difficult or help unavailable if anxiety incapacitates the sufferer? Agoraphobia
What is a persistent, aberrant belief or perception held inviolable by a person despite evidence to the contrary? Delusion
Which type of delusion is a belief that someone is out to harm them? Persecution
Which type of schizophrenia is flat or inappropriate affect, incoherence; prognosis is poor? Disorganized
What is a sensory experience without a stimulus trigger that occurs in the waking state. It can occur in any of the senses? Hallucination
What is defined as an attack of acute, intense, and overwhelming anxiety accompanied by a degree of personality disorganization, such as being unable to solve problems or think clearly, symptoms occur abruptly and peak within 10 minutes. Panic attack
Which type of delusion is the belief that their thoughts are being removed from their mind? Thought withdrawal
What are some of the symptoms of a panic atack? Heart palpitations, sweating, trembling or shaking, feelings of dyspnea or choking, chest pain, nausea or abdominal distress, feeling dizzy or faint, fear of losing control or going crazy, fear of dying, paresthesias, and chills or hot flashes.
Which type of schizophrenia features stupor, negativism, rigidity, excitement, posturing; prognosis is fair? Catatonic
Which mental disorder describes a response to an intense traumatic experience that is beyond the usual range of human experiences, such as war, rape, major auto accident, etc.? Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Psychoanalysis was developed by whom? Sigmund Freud
Which type of schizophrenia has delusions, auditory hallucinations; prognosis is good with treatment? Paranoid
What is Lithium and how is it used? It is an antimanic drug used to treat bipolar disorder. Lithium has a narrow therapeutic range, and close monitoring of the drug is necessary for safety.
What is A slow, progressive, organic mental disorder characterized by chronic personality disintegration, deterioration of intellectual capacity and function, and memory loss that leads to confusion, disorientation, and stupor? Dementia
What is a long-term and intense form of therapy that allows the individual to bring unconscious thoughts to the surface? Psychoanalysis
What problem can be encountered with the use of Lithium? Toxicity is a problem with lithium. Poor fluid intake and salt restriction in the diet increase the risk of toxicity. Be aware of the signs of toxicity: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, drowsiness, muscle weakness, and ataxia, can lead to seizures and death.
Which type of delusion is the belief that ideas are put in their mind, i.e, “Janie put these thoughts in my head for her own pleasure.”? Thought Insertion
What are negative traits or behaviors? Negative behavior includes apathy (avolition), social withdrawal, alogia, blunted emotional responses, and anhedonia.
What is a lack of energy, a contentment to just sit and do nothing. An unkempt appearance is a reflection of this? Apathy
What is defined as reduced content of speech and may occur as part of the overload of information that occurs in conversation, and the schizophrenic individual needs time to sort out the message received? Alogia
What is are positive traits or behaviors? Positive behavior patterns include delusions, hallucinations, and disordered thinking.
What positive trait or behavior is thought to occur when the individual cannot interpret information being received in the brain. This may be exhibited by loose association in speech. Conversation does not flow logically? Disordered thinking
What is an anxiety disorder characterized by obsessive, irrational, and intense fear of a specific object or activity? Phobia
Which type of delusion is the belief that their ideas are known to others without any action on their part to convey the thoughtsi.e, “You all know the thoughts I have been having today.”? Thought Broadcasting
What is DSM-IV-TR? It is a multiaxial system that classifies mental disorders and is used by most hospitals and health care professionals in the United States. It consists of the physical, psychiatric, and social factors affecting the individual.
What does DSM-IV-TR stand for? The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Psychiatric Disorders
Which type of schizophrenia demonstrates the typical signs and symptoms associated with schizophrenia without displaying evidence of gross disorganization, incoherence, delusions, and hallucinations; prognosis is poor? Residual
Which type of delusion is the belief that an event has special personal meaningi.e., “The lady on TV is telling me to buy the soap.” Ideas of Reference
What is a system that classifies mental disorder; used by most hospitals and health care professionals in the United States. Various disorders and descriptive references are outlined? Multiaxial System
Which alternative medicine has been shown to be effective for mild depression with few side effects when taken in therapeutic doses? St. John's wort
What can the herb, Kava, be used for? It can be used to treat anxiety and insomnia.
Which popular herbs are believed by some to improve memory and boost energy? Ginkgo and ginseng
What is a severe form of self-starvation that can lead to death? Anorexia nervosa
What is defined as is a prolonged emotion that affects a person's psyche? Mood
What is bulimia nervosa commonly known as? Binging
What is defined as repeating, severe depressive episodes lasting more than 2 years? Unipolar depression or major depressive disorder
What disorder has episodes of overeating followed by purging through induced vomiting, laxatives, diuretics, fasting, or vigorous exercise? Bulimia nervosa
What is a mood disturbance characterized by exaggerated feelings of sadness, despair, lowered self-esteem, loss of interest in former activities, and pessimistic thoughts? Depression
In what population is suicide the highest? The older population
What percentage of those diagnosed with major depressive disorder die from suicide? 15%
Which manic-depressive disorder exhibits sudden shifts of emotional extremes from depression to mania? Bipolar disorders
What is a mood disorder characterized by persistent, abnormal overactivity and a euphoric state? Mania
Which disorder is a pattern that involves repeated mood swings of hypomania and depression but are less intense with no periods of normal function. Many individuals with progress to bipolar disorder. Cyclothymic disorder
Which disorders are connected with hormonal imbalances and respond well to treatment? Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and postpartum depression
If postpartum depression lasts longer than what amount of time is further investigation of the problem advised? Longer than 2 weeks
What is ECT? Electroconvulsive therapy is considered when drug therapy is ineffective or is contraindicated
What is sexual perversion or deviation. One of three main clusters of sexual and gender identity disorders? Paraphilia
What is the early phase of a manic episode when symptoms are not severe? Hypomanic Episode
What are thoughts that are recurrent, intrusive, and senseless. These thoughts are anxiety producing and distressful in that they are uncontrollable. Obsessions
What is an irresistible, repetitive, irrational impulse to perform an act that is usually contrary to one's ordinary judgments or standards yet results in overt anxiety if not completed. Compulsion
What is a term describing difficulty with stress that causes mild interpersonal disorganization. There is no loss of reality perception; the individual has insight that he or she has a problem? Neurosis
An individual who is overcooperative from a deep fear of abandonment; cannot carry out a task alone; unable to take responsibility for his own ADLs; usually seeks overprotective, dominating, or abusive relationships is what type of personality disorder? Dependent personality
This type of personality disorder has not established self- identity; fears being alone; experiences mood swings over a short period of time; relationships with others reveal rapid shifts from adoring to cruel punishing; impulsiveness Borderline personality:
What is a dynamic process in which both participants (the nurse and the patient) share meaning. Therapeutic Communication
What is used to relieve anxiety by conditioning and retraining of behavioral responses by repetition. Behavior Therapy
Which type of therapy focuses on breaking negative thought patterns and developing positive feelings about memories or thoughts? Cognitive Therapy
Which type of therapy may be used to help children express themselves by using toys such as puppets as their “spokesperson” of feelings? Play Therapy
Which type of therapy can help resolve phobias? Behavior Therapy
What type of therapy is used to help the person recover deeply repressed emotions and speed recovery? Hypnosis
What is a potentially life-threatening condition that can occur usually as a result of an interaction between an SSRI and another serotonergic agent. Seratonin Syndrome
What is the usual ECT treatment plan 10 treatments over 7 weeks
What are the 4 stages of Schizophrenia? Prodromal, prepsychotic, acute and residual
During which schizophrenia phase are signs and symptoms widely varied but disturbances in thought, perception, emotion, and behavior are very apparent. Often, the individual loses contact with reality and is unable to function in the most basic ways. Acute Phase
Which schizophrenia stage often begins in adolescence and begins with lack of energy, motivation and withdrawal. symptoms include affect becomes blunted; beliefs and ideas become odd; may develop an excessive interest in philosophy or religion, etc. Prodromal Phase
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