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ES: 1-6 Part 5

ES Ch. 1-6 Part 5

Question or TermAnswer or Definition
What type of fold occurs when rocks buckle upward Anticline
What are large almond or teardrop shaped pieces of ejecta formed when lava solidifies Volcanic bomb
In the continental margin this part begins with by a shelf break Continental slope
A pool of shallow, salty water at the center of an atoll Lagoon
The flat surfaces located on a crystal Faces
78% of the salt in the ocean is __?__ Sodium Chloride
What hypothetical time scale charts both the earth's history and contains a sequence of the rock layers in the earth's crust Geologic column
What device uses sound waves to detect underwater objects Sonar
A huge, muddy valley that cuts through portions of the abyssal plain Trench
Movement of the ocean's waters caused primarily by the moon Tides
Created by: Mrs. Sechrist