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ES: 1-6 Part 2

ES Ch. 1-6 Part 2

Question or TermAnswer or Definition
What theory states that the earth's crust and upper mantle consist of huge plates slowly drifting as a result of convection currents in the mantle Plate Tectonics
What is the point on the earth's surface directly above an earthquake's focus Epicenter
A volcano consisting primarily of erupted volcanic ash and rock fragments held together loosely is a __?__ volcano Cinder-Cone
The amount of matter in an object is the __?__ Mass
What type of mountain formed when rocks on one side of a fault were forced upward and the rocks on the other side were forced downward Fault-block
The daily or twice-daily period when the ocean levels are at their highest point is called __?__ tide High
Who popularized evolution with his book "On the Origin of Species" Charles Darwin
What is the scientific term for water pressure Hydrostatic pressure
Man is classified as "Homo __?__" Sapiens
Some glaciers extend into the ocean without breaking to form __?__ Ice Shelves
Created by: Mrs. Sechrist