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mid term exam

8th grade mid term exam Science

What is a cinder cone volcano? A cinder cone volcano is a volcano that is mainly composed of ash and rock fragments.
What is a shield volcano? A shield volcano is a volcano that is mainly composed of layers of solid lava.
What is a composite volcano? A composite volcano is a volcano that is composed of layers(hardened lava, tephra, pumice, and volcanic ash ) that are constantly moving.
The narrow zone of active volcanoes that teems the Pacific basin? The Ring of Fire
What are the top layers of ground chipped away by surface mining? Overburden
What is the type of mountain formed when rocks on one side of a fault are forced upward and the rocks on the other side downward. Fault-block mountain
What is formed from glaciers extending into the ocean without breaking? Ice Shelves
What is the scientific (intentionally difficult) name for humans? Homo sapiens
What type of weathering involves the breaking or peeling away of rocks into layers? Exfoliation
What takes the title of the amount of matter in an object Mass
The alloy that is the child of iron and carbon Steel
The land borders a river and is covered by river water in flood time Flood plain
The resistance of a smooth mineral to being scratched Hardness
The Australopithecus known as "upright man" Homo Erectus
The largest group of minerals, which compose of 90% of the Earth Silicates
The sudden appearance of life in the fossil record Cambrian explosion
The plant food element that promotes the ripening of fruits Phosphorus
The fan shaped deposits at the mouth of a river Delta
The upper surface of ground water Water table
The crystalline substances found naturally in the earth Minerals
Lava that hardens into rough, jagged rocks with a crumbly or "blocky" texture AA
The living fossil of the deep-sea fish that was once thought to be the ancestor of the first amphibians Coelacanth
The huge level region of the deep ocean floor Abyssal plane
The sandy, gently sloping underwater plain near a continent Continental shelf
The pool of shallow, salty water at the centre of an atoll Lagoon
An underwater mountain range is called? Mid-ocean ridge
The large fissure in the continental shelf Submarine canyon
What is one of the deepest depressions in the earth's surface where the oceans are contained? Oceanic basin
What is one of the huge , muddy valleys that cut through portions of the abyssal plain? Trenches
What is an underwater mountain called? Sea mount
What's beginning is marked by a shelf break? Continental slope
What is 78% of the sea salt in the ocean? Sodium chloride
The rhythmic back-and-forth motions of water that transfer energy Waves
The gentle, rolling waves that appear even in calm weather Ocean swells
What are crystals generally characterized by? Faces
The revolutionary submersible design invented by Auguste Piccard Bathyscaphe
Oceanographers collect water samples using what kind of bottles? Niskin bottles
What is the study of the earth called? Geology
The process in which wind lifts particles for short distances then drops them suddenly Saltation
The movements of ocean water caused primarily by the moon Tide
The region where cold, deep water meets sun-warmed surface water Thermocline
The earth's rotation causes surface currents to move in circular paths Gyre
What is the device with an open tube that is dropped to the sea floor, allowing it's weight to puncture the sediment? Gravity corer
What are huge chunks of floating ice called? Iceberg
The most abundant element in the earth's crust oxygen
process that breaks rocks down into soil weathering
mineral test that leaves a line of powder on a plate streak test
study of fossils paleontology
deepest known point in the sea Challenger Deep
What is formed when water from heavy waves rapidly flows away from the shore through a gap in a sandbar? rip current
one idea that attempts to reconcile the bible with evolution theistic evolution
regions of the earth's crust where limestone is exposed and abundant karst regions
The deepest regions of the sea, with depths greater than 6,000 meters (19,690 feet) are in which zone? Hadal Zone
low hill formed when a glacier overruns a moraine drumlin
red variety of corundum ruby
When two rock layers are pushed together, causing the layers to buckle, what kind of mountain is formed? folded mountain
device that used sound waves to detect other underwater objects sonar
type of mountain formed when molten rocks collects beneath an overlaying rock layer, forcing the layer upward into a blister-like structur? domed mountain
warm surface current that flows in the Atlantic Ocean north of the equator Gulf Stream
winding, looping curve in a river on flat ground meander
large almond -or teardrop- shaped peices of ejects formed when lava solidifies volcanic bomb
theory that has never been proven false law
halfway between the spring tides are weaker-that-normal tides called ________________ tides. neap
amount of dissolved salt in seawater salinity
type of fold formed when rocks buckle upward anticline
Emerald and aquamarine are two forms of what mineral? beryl
hypothetical time scale that supposedly charts both the earth's history and the sequence of rock layers in the earth's crust geologic column
scale used by chemist to express acidity and basicity of substances pH scale
metal that is more powerful than silver or gold platnium
false belief that all geological processes at the same rate uniformitarianism
daily or twice daily period when the ocean levels are at their highest point high tide
theory that states that the earth's crust and upper mantle consist of huge plates that slowly drift as a result of convection currents in the mantle plate tectonics
Who wrote the Origin of Species? Charels Darwin
study of the earth's oceans oceanogrophy
highest point of a wave crest
percent of the earth's surface that is covered by water 70%
point of the earth's surface directly above the earthquake's focus epicenter
upward-flowing current upwelling
device that serves as a framework for many water collection bottles to allow water to be collected from different depths rosette
scientific term for water pressure hydrostatic pressure
substance that makes up the physical world matter
what does SCUBA stand for? self-contained underwater breathing apparatus
Who is the most awesome person ever? DA MACKSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!
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