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BIO 101 Final

second half of bio 101 semester

Systematics is the study of ________ categorizing organisms into groups
The Domains were established when Carl Woese examined ribosomal RNA sequences
The endosymbiont theory describes how what organelles came to be? Mitochondria and Chloroplasts
The fossil records show the first forms of life at ____ years ago 3.5 billion
The oldest eukaryotic fossils are _____ years old 2 billion
Archea are on the same branch of the phylogenetic tree as ____ eukaryotes
The genetic code is read by ______ tRNA
A single base deletion would result in a _____ frameshift mutation
How many codons are there? (including stop codons) 64
Transcription is terminated at _____ terminators
RNA synthesis is called ________ transcription
RNA synthesis is catalyzed by _____ RNA polymerase
If a man with type O blood had a child with a woman with type A blood, the child's blood type will be ________ Type A or Type O
If a man with type A blood mates with a woman with type B blood, their child will have ________ any blood type including type O
If your blood type is O-, you can receive blood transfusions from ___ donors only O-
Undifferentiated cells are called ______ stem cells
Which type of disease condition may be treated by gene replacement therapy? a nonfunctional enzyme
What makes a good donor of stem cells for research and treatment? embryos from invitro fertilization
Pharming is ______ using GMO's to produce drugs
Evolution works at the level of _______ populations
A change in the allele frequency in a population is ____ microevolution
Speciation is _______ macroevolution
When you take an antibiotic and kill most of the sensitive organs, leaving the resistant ones, ______ takes place microevolution
What is a reduction division? Meiosis I
When diploid cell goes through meiosis, _____ are produced 4 haploid cells
How many different gametes can a human form without considering crossing over? 2^23
What is the relationship between homologous chromosomes? They have the same genes but may have different alleles
If you flip a coin 4 times and get heads every time, what is the probability that you will get heads again? 50%
What cause of extinction poses the most serious threat to biodiversity today? habitat degradation
What trophic level would include a dairy cow? primary consumer
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