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Pharm Final

Thiazides (antihypertensives) dilates arterioles + inhibits reabsorption
Diuretics excretion of sodium and water
Diuretics used in heart failure patients
Calcium channel blockers relax smooth muscle + vasospastic anginas
Beta Blockers block RAAS + negative inotrope + lowers BP + decreases cardiac work load + 1st line for angina
Nitrates decrease oxygen demand + increase oxygen supply by vasodilation + relax smooth muscle + decrease spams + negative inotrope
ACE Inhibitors block RAAS + decrease periphreal resistance and BP + decrease cardiac workload + monitor hydration
Cardiac Glycosides always monitor HR and BP + increase effeciency of heart by increasing cardiac output + positive inotrope
Thrombolytics dissolves clots obstructing coronary artery
antidysthythmics treat and prevent disturbances in cardiac rhythm
Heparin monitor aPTT + antidote is protamine sulfate
Lovenox low mol. wt Heparin
Niacin 2-3 g + lowers cholesterol
Statins most potent LDL lowering drug + must monitor liver enzymes
Amiodaron (Cordaron) artrial dysrhythmias + last resort
Digoxin (Loanoxin) cardiac glycoside + HF/ positive inotrope
Lidocane ventricular arrhythmias
Retavase (Reteplase) thrombolytic
Nitroglycerin vasopastic anginas
Isosorbide dinitrate HF (vasodilator) + increases blood flow
Carvedilol (Coreg) beta blocker + HF/lowers BP + reduce cardiac workload
Aldactone (Spinolactone) K+ sparring diuretic
Amiloride (Midamor) K+ sparring diuretic
Triamterene (Dyrenium) K+ sparring diuretic