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Bio lab 11

urinary & reproductive systems

What region contains the renal corpuscle, proximal convoluted tubule, & distal convoluted tubule located? renal cortex
What region of the kidney is the nephron loop located? renal medulla
The renal corpuscle is composed of what? Glomerulus (a tuft of capillaries) Bowman's capsule (the surrounding cup-shaped of epithelial structure)
The arteriole that delivers blood INTO the glomerulus is called what? afferent arteriole
How many nephrons are located within a normal kidney? 1.25 million
The capillary network that surrounds the nephron tubules are called what? peritubular capillary network
Males or females have an increased rist for a urinary tract infection? why? females; women have shorter urethra which shortens the distance that bacteria must travel to reach the bladder
Elderly males have difficulty urinating because of the growth of what gland? prostate gland
The prostate gland surrounds the what? urethra
Name of male gonad? testes
Name of female gonad? ovaries
Name of the male mature gamete? sperm
Name of the female mature gamete? oocytes
male sex hormones produced by the gonads? testosterone
Female sex hormones produced by the gonads? estrogen & progesterone
Name of male cells that secrete sex hormones? leydig
Name of female cells that secrete sex hormones? follicular/ grunulosa
what process describes the filling of the erectile cylinders with blood during sexual arousal within the clitoris or penis? erection
what process describes the forceful ejection of sperm from the penis? ejaculation
what process describes the shedding of the endometrial layer of the uterus during the female reproductive cycle? menstration
What process describes the release of a secondary oocyte from the surface of the ovary? ovulation
What describes the cessation of menstration & ovulation in females above the age of 40. menopause
what male reproductive gland can cause urethral obstruction? prostate gland
What is produced by the leydig cells located in the interstitium of the testes? testosterone
What layer of the uterus is shed during menstruation? endometrium
what describes the release of a secondary oocyte from a mature follicle? ovulation
The fimbriae of the __________ catch the ovulated secondary oocyte & deposits it into the ________. Infundibulum ; fallopian tubes
what layer of the uterus undergoes contraction during the labor & delivery stage of pregnancy? myometrium
Estrogen & progesterone is produced by the _________ cells surrounding the oocyte. granulosa
Granulosa cells form what structure that remains in the ovary after ovulation? Corpus Luteum
What is the practice of preventing unwanted pregnancy? birth control
What is the technique that intentionally prevents a person from being able to reproduce? sterilization
A tubal ligation is the medical sterilization procedure performed in males or females? females
A tubal ligation cuts & seals the what of the reproductive tract? fallopian tubes
A vasectomy is the medical sterilization procedure performed in males or females? males
A vasectomy cuts & seals the what of the reproductive tract? van deferens
Created by: yulissalira