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Water Cycle movement of water between the atmosphere, land, oceans, and even living things.
Evaporation Water turning into water vapor.
Transpiration Plants release water into the environment through their leaves.
Sublimation When solid water turns directly into vapor.
Condensation The change of water from a gas to a liquid.
Precipitation Any form of water that falls to Earth.
Weather the condition of Earth’s atmosphere at a certain time and place.
Humidity Amount of water vapor in the air.
Relative Humidity Amount of water vapor in the air compared to the amount of water vapor needed to reach saturation.
Air Pressure The force of air molecules pushing on an area.
Wind movement of air caused by differences in air pressure.
Air mass a large volume of air in which temperature and moisture content are nearly the same throughout.
Front A boundary of air that forms between 2 air masses.
Jet Stream long distance winds that travel above global winds for thousands of kilometers.
Thunderstorm an intense local storm that forms strong winds and heavy rain along with lightning, thunder, and hail.
Lightning an electric discharge charged that happens between a positively charged area and a negatively charged area.
Thunder he sound created by the rapid expansion of air along a lightning strike.
Hurricane a tropical low pressure system with winds blowing at speed of 74 mi/h or more.
Storm Surge When a hurricane moves into a coastal area, it pushes huge amounts of the ocean onto land.
Tornado a destructive, rotating column of air that has very high wind speeds and that is sometimes visible as a funnel-shaped cloud.
Sink Holes holes in the ground that form when a cove collapses.
Wildfires Uncontrolled fires burning in natural areas.
Muck fires when dry grass and trees are ignited easily by a lightning strike.
Climate describes the weather conditions in an area over a long period of time.
Global Winds Wind systems that occur at or near Earth’s surface.
Westerlies Westerlies are winds that blow 30 degrees and 60 degrees latitudes in both hemispheres. Wind blows from the west to the east.
Trade Winds Winds that blow between 30 degrees latitude and the equator in both hemispheres. Winds blow from the East to the West.
Local winds the movement of air over short distances.
Sea Breeze a local wind that blows from the sea to the land during the day.
Land Breeze a local wind that blows from the land to the sea during the night.
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