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Path T2


RBC casts, ANCA Rapid Progressive Glomerulonephritis
Blister lesion, Derm-Epiderm jxn w/ C'/Ig Bullous Pemphigoid Ag
Edema/Pulmonary HTN inc Capillary Permeability
Mitral Valve Prolapse, PCKD, cysts in liver a/w Chr 16 defect
Membranous Proliferative GlomeruloNephritis Hep C
Primary/idiopathic Glomerular Dz Ig complex
Hep B+, Renal v. Thrombosis EM shows extensive Subepithelial deposits
ATN not ob Acute Cystitis
Acute Pyelonephritis Thiazide Diuretic ingestion
Uremic Sx, TCCA ob extensive combo analgesic
CRF assoc. Uremic Sx not ob Renal Osteodystrophy
Sx 3-4d post drug not a/w acute Drug-Induced Interstitial Nephritis
GSW to chest= cause of death
Homicide definition any action leading to the death of another
Exsanguination, Cardio-Pulmonary arrest Mechanism of death
Aw Dilation ob Bronchiectasis irreversible
ARDS most pt die
1*/idiopathic Pulmonary HTN complication = Cor Pulmonale
ground glass infiltrate, brown Mphg Cigarette smoking
Night sweats, 1* lung lesion, Bronchogenic carcinoma Mucin production
inc pCO2 hypoVentilation
inc NH4 in urine Lactic Acidosis, prolonged Loop Diuretic tx
Lactic Acidosis inc Anion Gap, Osm Gap<10
Diarrhea nl Anion Gap Metabolic Acidosis
Elderly, inc CO in CHF, Head/Back pain Paget's Dz
rapid growth at injury site, plump cells sim. to cell culture Nodular Fasciitis
Early satiety, N/V, Wt loss, RetroPeritoneal mass, Cigar Nuclei Leiomyosarcoma
"Bunch of grapes" from vagina in kid Botryoides Rhabdomyosarcoma
Central scar, Granular cytoplasm Oncocytoma
m/c Cartilage CA in hands and feet of kids Enchodroma
Symmetric PolyArthritis, MCP jt, Antibody to Cyclic Citrulline Pep Rheumatoid Arthritis
Transient Pulmonary lesion, eosinophilia Loffler Sx
inc risk of TCCA E.coli Pyelonephritis
ATN Maintenance Phase not a/w hypokalemia
Alpha 1 Anti-Trypsin Deficiency no focal lesions, dyspnea
NeuroEndo cell, crush, Necrosis, hilar adenopathy, Liver metastasis Small Cell CA
Respiratory Failure pCO2<60mmHg
Periodontal Dz, typical pneumonia, Lung Abscess Actinomycetes spp.
Mild pharyngitis over weeks, Atypical pneumonia Chlamydia pneumoniae
Radial Growth phase Acral lentis, Lento Maligna, Superficial spread
Externsor surfaces of extremeties, red based blisters Gluten sensitivity
Sun [UV light] exposure not a/w Fibrous epithelial polyps
Nephrectomy does not lead to ATN followed by 110% inc of nl
CRF a/w CNS dysf(x)/Coma, dec Drug metab, N/V, Plt dys(x)
Diabetic Renal Dz risk assesed by inc microAlbumin in urine
ARF ob ATN UN/Cr of 10:1
GFR not a/w Fractional Excretion of Na+
inc pCO2+ dec Respiration Opiate [Heroin] OD
Prolonged Loop Diuretic use a/w inc NH4+ excretion
pH=7.54, pCO2=46, HCO3=42 w/ nl Agap Metabolic Alkalosis
Teen, Pain relieved by ASA, lucent center surrounded by dense bone Osteoid Osteoma
Alveolar pattern, t(2;13) Rhabdomyosarcoma
Created by: mcafej02