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Path T1


CT scan Dg TNM staging
B cell Lphoma assoc. w/ Sjogren's Sx [AI predispose]
Post-Splenectomy from trauma Howell-Jolly bodies, pappenheimer bodies, Acanthocytes
inc PT/PTT in cirrhotic bleeding pt in OR Tx w/ fluid, packed RBC and Fresh Frozen Plasma
GSW w/ dec Hct [nl values for all else] No transfusion
m/c coz DIC ob Obstetric complications
CHD no Tx required muscular VSD
Eisenmenger Sx least likely= Aortic Atresia
Eisenmenger Sx ASD, VSD, PDA, A-V Canal
Premature and Full term have = risk of Hirsprung's Dz
Lab test for Post MI chest pain 4-6d c Troponin I
Least likely ACS coz Stable Angina no inc ST
Least likely coz of LVH-trophy Chr Mit Valv Sten
inc A-Coxsackie B3 Ab Dilated Cardiomyopathy
inc A-Coxsackie B3 Ab not Inflammation, Bicuspid valve, Restrictive ht dz
Atherosclerosis not a/w Acute Aortic Dissection [different mechanism]
MI complications not a/w Mycotic Aneurysm
Beta Thalassemia Major not a/w Macrocytosis
F13 Def nl PT/PTT
Thrombocytopenia nl PT/PTT
Neonate w/ cyanosis, intact septum, Patent Foramen Ovale Great Artery Transposition
8mo, Fail-to-Thrive, Machinery murmur, Lt->Rt Shunt PDA
inc HR, PanSyst murmur 4+, LVH, Cardiomegaly Calcified Aortic Valvular Stenosis
Grade 2 Systolic murmur, mild LVH, PVB radiates to Thorax Floppy Mitral Valve
Atherothrombosis occlude proximal Rt Coronary Artery Transmural MI, posterobasal Lt Vent+Adj IV septum
Obtuse Marginal Br. Of Lt Circ Cor a. occlusion Anterolateral Papillary m. Lt Vent scarring
Anaplasia a/w Invasive malignant CA
p53 a/w no apoptosis, constant growth
ras a/w GTPase Enz
Sudden death, click on PE Floppy Mitral Valve
Folate deficiency m/c ob Alcoholism
MicroAngiopathic Hemolytic Anemia [MAHA] not a/w Immune Response
Hives [Coombs negative] tx w/ Washed RBCs
Splenic infarct ob mural thrombus
Thrombus Anit-Cardiolipin Ab, Factor V Leiden mut, AntiB2, DIC
Tetralogy of Fallot ob Paradoxical Emboli
HbH 3/4 genes missing
Factor 13 Deficiency nl PT/PTT
Machinery murmur PDA
Created by: mcafej02