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Europe Test Review

What is the organization that uses the euro as their currency? EU
Which country uses the pound as their currency instead of the euro United Kingdom
What's eastern europe's stage of development? NIC (Newly Industrialized Country)
What is the former economic type in eastern europe, reason for the development status? communism/ command
Which economic type for europe has market plus government health care? socialism/ mixed
Which physical element helped Europe develop so landlocked not as much of a problem? navigable rivers
What are the three main climate types in europe? humid continental, marine west coast, and mediterranean
Which ocean caused for europe's milder climates? north atlantic drift
What are examples of natural boundaries? Pyrenees's Mountains, Alps, Danube River, and Rhine River
Why does Europe have more coastline than Africa? peninsula of peninsulas
What organization of the US and allies during Cold War? NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)
7 counties created from the former Yugoslavia. serbia, montenegro, bosnia, croatia, macedonia, slovenia, and (maybe kosovo soon)
Define balkanization the breakdown of a society along ethnic/ religious lines
Who are protestants? majority group that wanted to stay with British control in northern ireland
Who is prime minster and king/queen? a person who runs constitutional monarchy vs. symbolic leader
What is the northern region of Europe? region with viking past, artic temperature, $$$$$, Protestant
what is the southern region of europe? region with catholics, beaches, and wine, and $$$
What is the western region of europe? region with catholics and Protestants, Atlantic coasts, and $$$$
What is the eastern region of europe? region with former satellite nations, cultural crossroads, the Carpathians, and $$ (orthodox)
What are the 4 parts of the UK? Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, and Wales
What is ethnic cleansing? removing an ethnic group by killing them or by forcing them to leave an area
Created by: ginafurman