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Life Without Gravity

Vocabulary Practice

Manned When a vehicle or piece of equipment is manned, it is used or operated.
Spines The backbones of humans and animals
Feeble weak
Blander Something that is blander lacks excitement of flavor
Globules Tiny round drops of liquid
Readapted If you have changed your behavior again in order to get into a new situation, you have readapted to it.
Micro-Gravity State of near weightlessness that astronauts experience as their spacecraft orbits the earth.
downright thoroughly, utterly
stuffy having nasal passages stopped up
tissue the material forming plant or animal cells
Percent a hundredth part
Weightlessness being without apparent weight, as a freely falling body or a body acted upon by a force that neutralizes gravitation.
Unexpected unanticipated, something that happens as a surprise
Overcome to master or prevail
Disks Layers of connective tissue, in the spine
Created by: sbratts