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NDAP Questions

Indications for Paracetamol? For mild pain relief in combination with ibuprofen and in addition for other measures for moderate or severe pain For fever greater than 39c and fever is associated with discomfort.
Contraindications of Paracetamol? Current paracetamol poisoning Withhold if had paracetamol in the last 4 hours
What dosage of Paracetamol would you give? 1.5 grams orally if the patients weight is greater than 80 kgs 1 gram orally if the patients weight is less than 80 kgs See paediatric drug table for children.
What would you give for a patient with mild pain (3/10)? Paracetamol and Ibuprofen
Indications for Entonox? For moderate and in addition for other measures for severe pain
Indications for Methoxyflurane? For moderate pain and in addition for other measures for severe pain
Indications for Tramadol? For moderate pain and in addition for other measures for severe pain
Indications for Ibuprofen? For mild pain relief in combination with paracetamol and in addition for other measures for moderate or severe pain
What dosage of tramadol would you give? 50 mg orally for adults and children aged 12 years and over.
What dosage of entonox would you give? Inhaled, taken as patient requires.
What dosage of methoxyflurane would you give? Aged 12 years and over: maximum of two doses 6 mls (3 mls each dose) Aged 12 years and under: maximum of one dose 3 mls
What are the indications for a C collar? Mechanism of Injury Tenderness at the posterior midline of the cervical spine Focal Neurological deficit A decreased level of alertness Evidence of Intoxication Distraction injury or clinically apparent pain
What are different types of TBI Minor and Severe
How do you differentiate between a minor or severe TBI Minor: Mechanism of injury that is consistent with TBI and able to obey commands Severe: Mechanism of injury that is consistent with TBI and is unable to obey commands
What is our goal with treating TBI? To recognise severe TBI Minimise or prevent the causes of secondary injury: -Hypoxia -Hyperventilation -Hypoventilation -Hypotension Treat life threatening injuries
What are the three stages of shock? Compensated Decompensated Irreversible
What is shock? Shock is the global reduction in blood flow to the tissue and organs of the body.
Signs and symptoms of shock? Tachycardia Cold and clammy skin Prolonged cap refill Tachypnoea Narrowing pulse pressure Hypotension Altered LOC
What are the different types of shock? Hypovolaemic shock Anaphylactic shock Septic Shock Spinal shock Hypo adrenal shock Obstructive shock Cardiogenic Shock
Explain Hypovolaemic shock Caused by lack of intra-vascular volume. This can be from blood or other fluid (d&vs)
Explain Anaphylactic shock
Explain Septic Shock
Explain Cardiogenic Shock
Explain Obstructive shock
Explain Hypo adrenal shock
Explain Spinal shock
Treatment plan for asthma (status 3)
Diffentials for shortness of breath
Explain Asthma
Explain COPD
Indications for PEEP?
What does PEEP stand for? Positive End Expiratory Pressure
Why is PEEP set to 5 in TBI? PEEP increases intracranial pressure in TBI patients by reducing venous return from the brain.
Explain PEEP PEEP increases the resistance to exhalation and increases inter-thoracic pressure. It helps expand collapsed alveoli, improving oxygenation and ventilation. splints medium sized airways open during exhalation, improving ventilation
What is the action of paracetamol? Paracetamol inhibits the production of a number of prostaglandins it possesses analgesic and antipyretic effects..
What is the action of Ibuprofen?
What is the action of Tramadol?
What is the action of Entonox?
What is the action of Methoxyflurane?
What is the action of GTN? Vasodilator. dilates veins. causes Venous dilation and peripheral pooling. Reducing preload, after load, O2 demand and pain
What is the action of Aspirin?
What is the action of salbutamol?
What is the action of ipratropiun?
What si the action of prednisone?
What is the action of adrenaline?
What is the action of glycagon?
What si the action of Loratadine?
What is the action of Ondansetron?
Indications for use of GTN? Myocardial Ischaemia Cardiogenic pulmonary oedema
Contraindications for GTN? Systolic BP lower than 100mmHg Heart rate lower than 40 bpm Hear rate higher than 130 bpm
Precautions for GTN? Small, frail, physiologically unstable poor perfusion Has dysrhythmia taken drugs for erectile dysfunction in the last 24 hours Inferior STEMI Has known Aortic stenosis
Dosage for GTN? 0.4-0.8 kgs sublingually Repeat every 2-5 minutes
What are the causes of unconsciousness? A: Alcohol E: Epilepsy I: Insulin O: Overdose U: Under dose T: Trauma I: Infection P: Posions S: Stroke/seizure/sepsis
What are some differentioals for chest pain?
What are the universal contraindications for medicine? Life threatening allergy Pregnancy
Paediatric drug dosage calculation 1-10 years: 2x(age in years +4) 11- 14 years: 3 x age in years
What can a low temperature be a sign of? Infection in eldery Low cardiac output
What is Angina?
What is unstable angina?
What is an MI?
What are the differences between asthma and CORD? Asthma patients are symptom free between attacks CORD patients are usually not symptom free between attacks and have a history of smoking
What is the side effects of GTN? Headache Hypotension Flushing Tachycardia Light headesness
Indications for aspirin?
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