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Revision of Keywords

Keywords to do with the Earth, erosion, rivers and the solar system

Denudation When the weather wears down the Earth's crust.
Weathering When the atmosphere down something over a long period of time.
Mechanical weathering The process of breaking big rocks into little ones.
Chemical weathering When a chemical reaction causes something to disintegrate.
Scree Lots of small loose stones that cover a mountain.
Carbonation When pressure is applied to an object containing carbon dioxide.
Gradient An inclined part of a rock.
Flood Plains The flat area of which the river overflows and floods.
Velocity Speed of a river
Deposition When a river moves things from one place to another.
Mouth The part of a river which leads to the sea.
Estuary The part of the river that is tidal.
Basin The area which the river drains.
Watershed The high ground surrounding the valley which the river drains.
Orbit The route something travels in, usually in a rotation.
Friction When two objects collide and rub together.
Convection current The transfer of heat by mass movement of heated air into cooler air.
Tectonic plates The plates that make up the surface of the Earth.
Inner core The innermost part of the core.
Outer core The second last layer of the Earth.
Crust The outer layer of the Earth.
Mantle The part of the Earth between the crust and the core.
Magma Molten material beneath or within the crust.
Lava The molten rock that flows from a volcano.
Earthquake When two plates collide and cause a series of violent vibrations.
Solar System The sun together with all the planets that revolve around it.
Created by: JJoyce03