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Energy Test Review

Review for Energy Sources Test

Which resource reduces waste in landfills? Biomass Energy
Renewable resource that is nonpolluting and available in the US. This source is created from the Sun's thermal energy. Solar Energy
This is a renewable resource that is nonpolluting to the environment. This resources uses wind turbines to convert wind energy to electricity. Wind Energy
Resources that are inexhaustible. Renewable resources of energy include wind, biomass, geothermal, solar, and water. Renewable Energy Resources
Resources with a limited supply. Fossil fuels (coal, oil, and natural gas) and nuclear energy are nonrenewable. Nonrenewable Energy Resources
Fossil fuels are coal, oil, and natural gas. These resources are inexpensive and easy to access and transport. Fossil Fuels
This is a nonrenewable resource that is made from splitting Uranium atoms. Nuclear power plants can create hazardous pollution if they are not run and maintained properly. Nuclear Energy
This is a renewable resource from the flowing water of dams or tidal activity. This resource can have a negative impact on aquatic ecosystems. Water Energy
This is a renewable energy resource created from thermal energy deep beneath Earth's crust. This resource creates little pollution but is only available in areas with high tectonic or geothermal activity. Geothermal Energy
This is a renewable energy resource created from organic material burned or converted into fuel for vehicles. Biomass Energy
Which energy resource can negatively affect bird populations? Wind energy using wind turbines
Which energy resource is costly to install? This resource produces little or no energy at night and on cloudy days. Solar Energy
Which resources take too long to replenish and will not likely last throughout this century? Nonrenewable resources such as fossil fuels
Where did all fossil fuels originally obtain their energy? from the Sun
Created by: marybuchholz