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Unit 2 Body Systems

Organization of Life

Plasma makes up more than half of the volume of human blood. Plasma mainly consists of water
Which part of the body controls the functions of other body parts? brain
Which part of the body receives messages transmitted by nerve cells located throughout the body? brain
Name two body parts that work harder when a person exercises. heart & lungs
Name a body system needed to help a person move. nervous
What type of muscle is found in the heart? cardiac
Which system has the primary function of fighting disease? immune
A teacher dissected a pig heart to demonstrate one of these levels. Which statement best explains how a section of the pig heart should be classified? (cell, tissue, organ, organ system, organism) tissue
Which body parts come in pairs (two of the same body part)? lungs
What is the body's first line of defense against disease? skin
Which body organ removes excess water and wastes from the blood? kidneys
In which body part do gases, such as oxygen and carbon dioxide, pass into or out of the blood? lungs
Which body system is primarily responsible for removing waste products? excretory
Which body system's primary function is the continuation of the species? reproductive
The organ that holds solid waste materials before they are passed from the body is the large intestine
One of the most important functions of the skin is to protect the body
When you are hot, the skin helps cool you off by sweating
When air is inhaled, the lungs inflate
Which organ acts like a blender? It uses muscles to mix food with a mild acid and breaks it into a paste-like substance. stomach
In order to support life, the most important gas taken into the lungs is oxygen
What happens to blood in the kidney? has waste removed
What is a main function of the skeletal system? support & structure
What is a main function of the skeletal system? protects internal organs
What is a main function of the skeletal system? makes blood cells
Name a body system needed to help a person move. skeletal
Name a body system needed to help a person move. muscular
What is the heart's main function? pumping blood
What helps bones protect the body's organs? skin
Why do hormones cause changes only in specific body organs? they only work with target cells
Dominique has a stuffy nose, has trouble breathing, and coughs a lot. Which of her body systems is being affected? respiratory
Messages are carried from the eyes to the brain by nerves
All of the following are contained within one human body system: spleen, bone marrow, lymph nodes, thymus gland, and white blood cells circulating in the blood. What human body system contains all of these components? immune
White blood cells and antibodies are important parts of the immune
Why might you become ill after visiting a friend who is sick with the flu? the virus entered your body
Lyme disease is caused by a bacteria transmitted to animals through ticks. How does an animal's immune system respond to this pathogen? makes antibodies
What is the major purpose of the endocrine system? release hormones to control other organs
To prevent disease, the human body naturally produces antibodies
The human body has several systems that remove waste from the body. The respiratory system is responsible for removing which waste from the body? carbon dioxide
Which system breaks down food? digestive
The place on the body where two bones come together is called a joint
What is a MAJOR role of the circulatory system in organisms? to move oxygen & other substances around the body
A change or signal in the environment that can make an organism react is called a(n) stimuli
What is the function of white blood cells? fight disease
Mary wrote a science fiction story about another planet. The animals who lived there were similar to animals on Earth. On her planet, however, the animals do not breathe. Which body part would be of no use to the animals on her science fiction planet? lungs
The endocrine system often uses negative feedback to maintain homeostasis
Which substances are produced in respiration? carbon dioxide & water
The body’s reaction to a change in the environment is called a response
The bones that make up your backbone are called vertebrae
Which of these tissues would MOST LIKELY be a part of the muscular and skeletal systems? a tissue that connects moving parts and provides structural support
How do the respiratory and circulatory systems work together? the lungs allow oxygen to enter and carbon dioxide to leave the blood
How does negative feedback work? when a hormone reaches a certain level, the endocrine system stops producing it
How do prescription drugs travel throughout the body? in your blood
What is a major part of the nervous system? spinal cord
The long tube that brings food from the mouth to the stomach is called the esophagus
A certain kind of cell produces a substance that breaks down proteins so they can be absorbed by the body. What system is the cell MOST LIKELY a part of? digestive
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