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till unsorted material deposited by glacier (large)
stratified drift Sediments deposited by glacial meltwater that are sorted and layered (small)
glacial erratics piece of rock that differs from the size and type of rock native to the area in which it rests.
glacier dense ice sheet that slides down a slope due to gravity
alpine glacier glacier that started in a bowl shaped mountain cavity (cirque) and flows into a valley
piedmont glacier a valley glacier that slides down into a plain
icecap covering of ice over a large area
plastic flow movement within the ice; beneath zone of accumulation and zone of wastage and zone of fracture
zone of fracture Upper 30 - 60 meters ; brittle behavior; the ice breaks rather than undergoing gradual permanent distortion and flow
zone of accumulation where snow and ice form; snow accumulates faster than it melts; above equilibrium line; front
zone of wastage below equilibrium line; ice and snow melt faster than the accumulate; toe
crevasse zone of fracture; caused by tension when when moving over irregular terrain; cracks in ice
ablation loss of snow at lower end of glacier (zone of wastage)
calving large pieced of ice break off of front of glacier; creates ice bergs
ice berg floating pieces of ice
firn stage between snow and permanent ice
glacial retreat glacier shrinks
glacial advance glacier grows
equilibrium line where the amount of new snow gained by accusation is equal to the amount of snow lost by abrasion; moves up in the summer and down in the winter
plucking meltwater penetrated the cracks and joints along the rock floor of the glacier and freezes; erosion and transportation of large chunks of rock
abrasion ice and load of rock fragment slide over bedrock, and smooth, crape, and polish the bedrock; erosion that occurs when the particles scrape against each other
glacial striations scrapping of glacier; formed by abrasion
u-shaped valley also known as glacial trough
trough glacier widen, deepen, and straighten valley,
hanging valley after ice has redeemed, valleys of smaller tributary glaciers are left standing above the main glacial trough
cirque bowl-shaped depression
arete sharpe-edged ridges; line of sharp pyramid like peaks
horn pyramid like peak that projects above surrounding
fjord steep sided inlets of sea; a long, narrow, deep inlet of the sea between high cliffs
glacial flour rock in a powdery form caused by glacial erosion; the bottom go the glacier rubs across the bedrock layer, eroding the softer material
tarns mountain lake or pool formed in a cirque excavated by a glacier
paternoster lakes one of a series of glacial lakes connected by a single stream or a braided stream system of cirques
morain glacially formed accumulation of unconsolidated glacial debris (soil and rock)
terminal or end morain farthest advance of glacier(moraine)
lateral morain along the side (moraine)
medial morain (moraine) 2 valley glaciers intersect to form one ice stream
esker remain of river that ran underneath a glacier; winding ridge of stratified sand and grave
kettles large piece of ice breaks off a glacier as it moves; leaves depression such as lake
drumlin elongated hill in shape of egg; formed from glacier moving over till
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