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Quiz on DNA

The quiz with only DNA things.

What is DNA? --It carries the genetic code for living organisms --It carries codes for traits
Shape of DNA It is called a DOUBLE HELIX or A twisted ladder
What is DNA made up of? --DNA is made up of nucleotides. A nucleotide consists of a sugar, phosphate and a base
Structure of DNA The sides of DNA are made of alternating sugar and phosphate. --The steps of DNA are made of nitrogenous bases A, T, G, C --The bases are always in matching pairs A = T G = C
Where you can find DNA? Cell - Nucleus - Chromosomes - DNA
Rosalind Franklin She used x-ray pictures to discover the structure of DNA
James Watson and Francis Crick Made the first 3-Dimensional model of DNA
Gregor Mendel (Father of Genetics) *He studied pea plants. *He used them to see how traits were passed down from one generation to the next (Inheritance Patterns).
Chromosomes --Contain DNA --Humans have 46 chromosomes in
Alleles different forms of a gene
Example of alleles If gene - fur color, alleles - Black, Blonde, Chocolate
Inherited Traits Examples: natural eye color Hair color Freckles Widow’s peak Hitchhiker thumb
Acquired Traits A learned trait or something that happens to you.
Genetic Engineering Adding genes to an organism to improve that organism. Examples: --adding genes to potatoes to produce a vaccine for chloera --adding genes to oranges so they can survive freezing temperatures
Punnett squares -A chart used to find the probability of a trait being passed down a generation.
Phenotype Physical appearance (what you see) Examples: Blue eyes, curly hair, black fur
Genotype -Genes, represented by alleles Examples: AA, Aa, aa
Heterozygous -different alleles, Aa
Homozygous -same alleles, AA aa
What structure do you find DNA on? Chromosomes
Which part of the picture carries the code for a trait? A little section of DNA
What bases match up in a DNA molecule? A - T G - C
Which of the following traits rely completely on genetics? Height Hitchhiker thumb Freckles Suntan Intelligence (2, 3)
Chocolate, Vanilla and Coffee are different flavors of ice cream like alleles are different types of genes nothing
What part of DNA carries the chemical code? The nitrogen bases, AT and GC.
Created by: 3114591