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FS - Hair and Fiber

hair and fiber test

List 3 ways to collect hair from a crime scene. (1) picking up each shaft with tweezers, (2) lifting with tape or lint roller, (3) collecting with a vacuum
Name the three layers of a shaft of hair. cuticle, cortex, medulla
List the 3 cuticle patterns. Coronal, spinous, imbricate
Which layer is on the outside of the hair? Cuticle
Which layer is in the center of the hair? Medulla
List the 4 medulla patterns. continuous, fragmented, interrupted, absent
What are the 2 major types of fibers? natural and man- made
List the 2 types of natural fibers. plant and animal
List some common plant fibers. Cotton, linen, hemp
List some common animal fibers. Wool, silk, alpaca
List some common manufactured fibers. Polyester, nylon, rayon, acrylic
What plant is used to make linen? flax plant
What raw material is commonly used to make rayon and polyester? petroleum
List the 3 stages of the hair life cycle. anagen, catagen, and telegon
During which stage of the hair life cycle does the hair grow? anagen
During which stage of the hair life cycle does the hair stop growing and just "rest"? catagen
During which stage of the hair life cycle is the hair most likely to fall out? telegon
Hair is made of which protein? keratin
The scales on the cuticle overlap in which direction? toward the tip
How many hairs are found on the human scalp? 100, 000 to 150, 000
What is the source of silk? silk worm
Which medulla pattern is one solid line in the hair? continuous
Which medulla pattern is broken into sections? fragmented or interrupted
Which medulla pattern is not present at all? absent
Created by: lb goodlock