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Stack #237035

Prelude to Independence Latin America

Haiti was seeking independence from france
Hispaniola has what two countries? Dominican Republic and Haiti
What is the Treaty of Ryswick? Acknowledges that the French officially won the portion of Hispainola known as Haiti.
What is a machete and it's use? Along and sharp knife used for cutting sugar cane.
What is Voodoo and why is it important? A religion that helped the Haitians cope with reality.
White Voodoo Religions aspect that helps the people deal with reality.
Black Voodoo Religion's aspect that deals with black magic, curses and spells.
Kreyol An oral language of the African Slaves that is a combination of African and French influence.
Mexico and South America were seekng independence from Spainish rule.
Mexico gained independence in 1821
Augustin Iturbide The group of people responsible for Mexico becoming independent.
Prong #1 of the South American Independence movement moved from south to north.
Prong #2 of the South American Independence movement moved from north to south.
Prong #1 movement started in Argentina
Prong #2 movement started in Venezuela
Most of South America was liberated by 1824.
Hongnon Bonkman Voodoo priest
Night of Fire African slaves uprising against the French Plantation owners.
Peninulares People born in Spain but living in Latin America.
Criollos Someone with Spanish parents born in latin America.
Father Miguel Hidalgo A Catholic Priest in the town of Dolores. He appealed to the Metizos and native indians.
Grito de Delores A sermon that Father Hidalgo preached that said Mexico should be free of Spain, Metizos and native indians should rule, and the death of the spanish government.
Augustin Iturbide A man that declared Mexico a free and independent country.
Jose De San Martin An Argentinean who lived in Spain and served in the Spanish army.
Bernardo O'Higgins His troops crossed the Andes Mountains and liberated Chile.
Battle of Maipu San Martin's forces suprised the Spaniards by invading them from the south.
Simon Bolivar A Venezuelan Criollo whose family is very wealthy and important. He fought for Venezuelan indpendence.
Battle of Ayacucho Bolivar has 6,000 men and is outnumbered by 10,000 men. He wins against the Spanish.
Created by: kimmiller