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3E051 2a-1

Set 2a Book 1

What is the perfered distribution voltage in the Air Force
List three functions a substation can perform
Name six major substation components
Which color indicates that a circuit is energized
What two main requirements must a switch in a high voltage electrical circuit meet
At least how many lightning arresters must be installed in a substation with one incoming circuit and one outgoing circuit
Which type of regulator has a primary or exciting winding connected in shunt and the secondary or regulation winding connected in series
Which type of regulator uses taps to regulate the amount of induced voltage
Name one function of a potential transformer
Which type of instrument transformer requires the secondary side to be closed at all times when the primary side is energized
What suppresses the are in a OCB
Name the three main functions of an OCB
Explain the difference between an indoor and outdoor OCB
How many different ways can an OCB operate
State the purpose of the OCB timer port
Name the three basic functions of a recloser
How does a fault make the recloser trip open
When does the sectionalizer operate
Name the main components of a sectionalizer
What piece of equipment must we use to back up a sectionalizer
How is an air break switch normally operated
What equipment does the air break switch use to break the arc
Where are air break switches of an air break switch to open and close at the same time
How is the arc broken by a vacuum recloser
Which switches operate much like a vacuum recloser
Before installing a high voltage switch, what data plate information must you check
How do you position the vehicle before final placement of the high voltage switch
What is the first connection you make in connection the high voltage switch into the circuit
Why must you never let an OCB trip while the oil tank is lowered
What do you look for when you inspect an OCB's contacts
When moisture is in oil filled equipment, what problem occurs
What must you ensure before you top off oil filled equipment
Which items do you check visually in inspecting bushings
On what does scheduling maintenance on reclosers depend primarily
How do you inspect the contacts on vacuum breakers
How can you test vacuum breakers to see if the vacuum is adequate to interrupt current
What piece of equipment can aid your visual inspections of air switches
State what you accomplish by repeatedly opening and closing an air break switch
Field experience indicates that switch interrupters with gas filled chambers normally need recharging how often