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IB Health sentences

It's very bad/harmful to health that one does not eat breakfast 不吃早餐对身体健康非常不利。
To young people, we need to have enough sleep everyday. 对年轻人来说,每天需要充足的睡眠。
You will only really enjoy your wonderful life when you have a healthy body. 有了健康的身体,才能真正地享受美好的生活。
We need to keep a balanced diet, to stay away from sickness like obesity, high blood pressure, heart problem and diabetes etc. 我们要保持饮食均衡,才不会产生肥胖症,高血压,心脏病,糖尿病等等疾病。
Consume too much food contains lots of fat,sugar and salt will make people fat. 吃太多含大量脂肪,糖和盐的食物会使人发胖。
The grain food includes rice, food made from wheat,corn and potato. 谷类食物包括米饭,面食,玉米和土豆。
Fruits and vegetables mainly contains lots of vitamins, fibre and minerals, we should eat more. 水果和蔬菜主要含大量维生素,纤维和矿物质,我们应该多吃。
If you want to have a healthy body, apart from proper diet, one should also exercise regularly. 要是想有健康的身体,除了合理饮食以外,还要常常运动。
For young people, we should eat less junk food but more green food. 对年轻人来说,我们要少吃垃圾食品,多吃绿色食品。
Milk can supply calcium and all sorts of vitamin, is especially good for elders and young children. 牛奶可以补充钙和各种维生素,尤其对老年人和孩子很好。
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