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U.S. Amendments

Amendments in the U.S. Constitution

One Amendment __ ;Freedom of speech, press, religion, assembly, and petition.
Two Amendment __ ;Right to bear arms.
Three Amendment __ ;Prevents the government from quartering soldiers in civilian's homes during peace time without the consent of the civilian.
Four Amendment __ ;Guards against unreasonable searches and seizures.
Five Amendment __ ;Guards against double jeopardy (being charged twice for the same offense) and self-incrimination.
Six Amendment __ ;Rights of the accused, including the right to have a "speedy and public" trial, the right to be informed of the charges made against him, the right to call witnesses in his defense, and the right to have an attorney in his defense.
Seven Amendment __ ;Right to trial by jury; "value in controversy must exceed twenty dollars."
Eight Amendment __ ;Protects against "cruel and unusual punishment."
Nine Amendment __ ;Addresses rights of the people that are not specifically enumerated in the Constitution.
Ten Amendment __ ;Any rights not given to federal government are given to the states and people.
Eleven Amendment __ ;Clarifies judicial power over foreign nationals, and limits the ability of citizens to sue states.
Twelve Amendment __ ;Separate ballots for President and Vice President.
Thirteen Amendment __ ;Abolishes slavery.
Fourteen Amendment __ ;Protects the rights of U.S. citizenship; Declares all persons born or naturalized in the US to be citizens of their states and of the nation, and prohibits states from denying citizens due process and equal protection of the law.
Fifteen Amendment __ ;Guarantees the right to vote regardless of race.
Sixteen Amendment __ ;Grants Congress the authority to tax income directly.
Seventeen Amendment __ ;Provides for direct election of senators.
Eighteen Amendment __ ;Prohibition (prohibits the manufacture, transport, and sale of alcohol).
Nineteen Amendment __ ;Women's Suffrage.
Twenty Amendment __ ;President takes office on January 20th instead of March 4th.
Twenty-One Amendment __ ;Repeals prohibition.
Twenty-Two Amendment __ ;Limits President to two terms.
Twenty-Three Amendment __ ;Washington, D.C., is entitled to the same number of electors it would have were it a state, but it can have no more than the least populous state has.
Twenty-Four Amendment __ ;Prohibits poll tax.
Twenty-Five Amendment __ ;Establishes procedures both for filling a vacancy in the office of the Vice President, as well as responding to Presidential disabilities.
Twenty-Six Amendment __ ;Grants suffrage to those eighteen years of age and older. Make 18 year olds adults.
Twenty-Seven Amendment __ ;Congress cannot accept a pay raise until next term.
Created by: cchan