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AJ 5 Pre Final Test

Chapters 10 and 11

What is the difference between a Robbery and a Burglary Robbery is a crime against a person. Burglary is a crime against property
What are the most popular commercial robbery sites? Where mostly located? Convenience and Liquor stores. Mostly located near freeway exits and entrances
What is a ROBBERY Felonious taking of another's property in the presence of the person through fear or force
What day of the year is the BEST day to commit a robbery? Halloween
What is another word for larceny? Theft
What is Larceny? Taking the property of another
What are the three basic elements of theft? The Taking, The intent to deprive, and Asportation (movement of the item)
What is wrong with this statement after a car has been stolen? "I've been robbed!" The car was taken while the owner was away. Therefor the car was stolen. The person would have been robbed IF he were in the car at the time.
True or False, in order to be considered a felony or theft, the dwelling violated must have been entered by force. False. Force to enter is not a required element
Name three elements of the juvenile burglar profile 1. Juveniles are amateurs, 2. They resort to unnecessary destruction, 3.Usually more than one, 4. Often armed and more dangerous
Give an example of Impression Evidence at a crime scene Tracks, Discarded Food, Prints, etc.
What does Hendricks say is the most important way to capture evidence at a crime scene? PHOTOGRAPH - PHOTOGRAPH = PHOTOGRAPH!!
True or False, it is a crime to simply be in possession of burglary tools? True
If you take an impression of an area and you have the tool that made that impression alledgedly, you should match the tool with the marks? No. Never attempt to fit the suspected tool into the mark or you could damage the mark and by extension your evidence.
This is a bag that is lined with aluminum that is used to steal and bypass te store sensors. Booster Bag
If you walk into a structure with the intent to steal you commit a _________. If you decide to steal while in the store, this is a ___________! 1. Burglary, 2. Theft.
What is the element that turns a stealing from a theft to a burgary? The element of intent.
What are the top 5 reasons cars are stolen? 1. Joyride, 2. Parts, 3. Resale, 4. Insurance Fraud, 5. Criminal Use
This part on a car is considered to be the equivelent of DNA in humans. The VIN
What is the most expensive part of the car especially during a car crash? The airbags
When is a robbery considered to be aggravated If the robbery causes bodily injury or uses a deadly weapon or threatens or places another person in fear of imminent bodily injury/death if person over 65.
This type of robber is not a lifetime robber. They are amateurs who choose victims randomly and hastily. Opportunistic Robbers
Attacks on another person are called/ Battery
What are the three phases of the cycle of violence 1. Tension Building, 2. Battering, 3. The Honeymoon
The ideal way t preserve biological evidence is to ____________ Freeze It
What are the two major classifications of the rapist type Power Rapist (Stalker Assertive) and Anger Rapist (Spur of Moment)
What is Paraphilla Person is responsive to unusual fetish and/or fantasy
Created by: JeromeG