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MHMS Erosion

erosion The movement of soil or other materials from one place to another.
ingenuity Cleverness and originality.
Project Board A space for the class to keep track of progress while working on a project
case an example or occurrence of something.
case study an analysis of an example or occurrence of something.
sediment solid fragments of inorganic or organic materials that come from rock and are carried and deposited by wind, water or ice.
friction a force that resists motion.
drought a long period of dry weather with very little or no rain.
weathering the breaking down of rocks into smaller pieces by natural processes.
deposition in this case, the laying down of soil or other materials in a new location.
phenomenon an event or detail that can be observed.
variable a single factor that is tested in an experiment.
interpret to find the meaning of something.
trend a pattern or a tendency.
claim in this case, a statement about what a trend means.
fair test Things being compared are tested under the same conditions, and the test matches the questions being asked. All variables, aside from the variable you are investigating, are kept the same
Independent (manipulated) variable In an experiment, the variable the scientist intentionally changes
control The part of an experiment that doesn’t receive the treatment of the independent variable
constant In an experiment, the variables you keep the same
dependent (responding) variable In an experiment, the variables whose values are measured; scientists measure how these variables respond to changes they make in the independent variable.
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