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Pharm T4


AE: Agranulocytosis Methimazole
MDMA [ectasy] v Amphtamine: more selective for 5HT n. transmission Ectasy MDMA
NO not used alone in anesthesia ob lack of potency
Zolpidem [Ambien] least likely to cause REM sleep rebound. Minimal effect on sleep arch
atypical Anti-psych [o,r,q,z] to tx BPD 1st line for Acute Manic episode
Oral contraceptive in smoker best dose 20 ug EE
D2 analog DHT best tx hyopoParaThyroidism
AE: 5HT Sx assoc, long effect post elimination Selegiline
Best drug for Acute Mania in BPD, add to SSRI in MDD Li
In Parkinson's Dz tx, Carbidopa decreases L-dopa conversion in the periphery
Large dose of Lidocaine IV seizure
Anti-Psychotic, partial agonist at D2-R Aripiprazole
Levothyroxine Na+ is DOC for HRT post-op beacause longer t1/2 than T3
Complex partial seizure w/ no 2nd generalization no Tonic and Clonic Phases
PTU v. Methimazole T4-x->T3 inhibited by PTU
T/F: The lowest possible dose should be used in HRT FALSE
Anti-Epileptic Drug MOA includes prolonged v-g Na+ inactivation
Anti-Epileptic Drug MOA includes all except Selective 5HT reuptake inhibition
Absence seizure in young female w/o complication Ethosuximide
IV Thiopentol as anesthesia-> waking up in 10 mins
Tx for anxious CA pt for acute relief and dec risk of dependence Lorazapam+Sertraline, Lorazapam tapered at 4-6 wks
AE: inc CO2, Tachycardia, extreme Hyperthermia Desflurane
Anesthetic for 3yo w/ dog bite needing sutures on their face ketamine
MDD, m/c effect on NE, dec AE Duloxetine
Triphasic COC, late breakthrough bleed ob deficient Progestin activity
Absence seizure in young female w/ aura and inc freq Carbamazepine tx
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