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For the test on Friday i made a stack of everything we need to know.

Why are unicellular organisms so small? If the unicellular organisms were bigger there would be no room for diffusion. But since the unicellular organisms are so small there is lots of room for diffusion.
What is diffusion? What is osmosis? Diffusion means the movement of particles Osmosis is diffusion of water from a hypo tonic solution.
What Cells are used for movement? what are they used for? myocyte cells Muscle cells That allow us to move all parts of our body
What Cells are used for Reaction? what are they used for? Nerve cells are the basic unit of the nervous system and send messages to the brain, spinal cord, etc
What Cells are used for growth? what are they used for? Osteoblasts Which help turn cartilage- Which makes most of a babys structure- into hard bones as we grow into kids then adults.
What Cells are used for Reproduction? what are they used for? Gametes are the reproductive cells And are the reason humans can reproduce.
What Cells are used for excretion? what are they used for? Liver cells are responsible for helping the process of excretion in our bodies specifically hepatocytes they are involved in protein synthesis, protein storage, transformation in carbohydrates.
What Cells are used for Exchange of gases? what are they used for? Red blood cells are responsible for transporting oxygen and carbon dioxide to and from cells
What Cells are used for nutrients? what are they used for? Absorptive cells are the main epithelial cell type lining the lumen of the small intestine and colon.
What are the advantages of having specialized cells? They increase the complexity of the living thing making it able to complete a wider range of tasks. This is because each specialized helps allow the living thing to do something different.
What are the disadvantages of having specialized cells? There aren't many disadvantages to having specialized cells except for the fact that they take up a lot more energy the unspecialized cells.
What are three different plant cells 1. Leaf cells 2. Plant stem cells 3. Cells in a plant root
What are the key functions of leaf cells? Converts the suns energy into food for itself
What are the key functions of Plant stem cells? Transports water and material through the plant
What are the key functions of cells in a plant root? Absorb water and nutrients from the soil and transport these resources to the stem.
What are the most common effects of dehydration? (there are 3) Sweating- You loose water when you sweat that is why it is important to drink fluids when you play sports or execise Fever- Generally when people have fevers they become very hot and loose a lot of fluid Vomiting/ diarrhea- severe loss of water.
Created by: 8A_Collins