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Ch 17 Trauma and MOI

What is the primary cause of death and disability in people ages 1-34 truama
What is the acute physological and structural change that occurs in a patients body when an external source of energy dissipates faster then the body's ability to sustain and dissipate it. Trauma
What kind of energy is from motion or energy stored in an object Mechanical energy
What type of energy is associated with motion Kinetic energy
What type of energy does one have when they are on top of a building Potential anergy
what kind of energy can be found from an explosion or even an acid Chemical energy
What kind of energy comes from high voltage Electrical energy
What type of energy can result from sudden changes in pressure. Often from diving or flying Barometric energy
The study of the physiology and mechanics of a living organism useing the tools of mechanical engineering Biomechanics.
What studies the relationships between speed, mass, and the direction of force Kinetics
If an organ that has a gas inside sustains alot of energy what happens it will scatter more of the energy, meaning it is more likely to collapse and cause more injury
What is the distance an object travels per unit time Velocity
The rate of change of velocity that an object is subjected to, wether speeding up or slowing down. Acceleration
The downward acceleration that is imparted on any object on earth by the effect of the earths mass Gravity
Does velocity or mass have a greater effect on kinetic energy Velocity
what states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only change form. The law of conservation of energy
what does newtons first law of motion say a body at rest will stay at rest unless acted on by an outside force
What does newtons second law of motion say the force that an object can exert is the product of it's mass times it's acceleration
what is th g limit for a human ~30g
decelerating forces can induce what type of injuries to organs shearing, avulsing, or rupturing
The aorta, the largest velssel in the body, is the most common site for whattype of injury decelerating
Crush type injuries causeing fractures ribs can cause the fractured ribs to do what other type of injury. internal injuries of the lungs and heart
blunt cardiac injury can compress the heart muscle between bones in the chest causing what arrythmias, and direct injury to the heart muscle
the 5 phases of a MVA are what 1st phase is deceleration of the vehicle, 2nd deceleration of the occupant, 3rd deceleration of internal organs, 4th secondary collisions, from objects inside vehicle, and 5th additional impacts
When your patient of a mva is a pediatric what 2 injuries should you assume Pulmonary or cardiac
if a person takes a deep breath before a crash, they are at risk of what a dangerous lung injury
if a vehicle is struck from the side then what are the 2 passengers at risk of happening for injury the 2 of them hitting each others head on each other.
1 of 3 ejected people will sustain what a cervical injury
a restrained occupant of a vehicle has nearly a ______ % reduction in fatalities 45
steering wheel or dashboard injuries sustained because seatbelts were not worn or worn improperly are associated with a ______% fetal death rate 50
what is the waddell triad a pattern of automobile pedestrian injuries in children or short stature people
Adult falls from hieghts usually occur in the context of what criminal activity, attempted suicide, or intoxication from alcohol or drugs
what is the most important factor for the seriousness of a gunshot wound the type of tissue through which the projectile passed
the initial path of tissue distruction is caused by the projectile crushing the tissue during penetration, is referred to as permanent cavity
what referrs to the tissue displacement that occurs as the result of low displacement shock waves Pathway expansion
What is cavitation cavity formation
What is a major cause of tissue damage as the projectile sends off fragments that create their own seperate paths through tissue Missile fragmentation
Never assume what of a bullet injury that the bullet followed a streight path between the entrance and exit wounds
Primary blast injuries are from what the blast wave itself
secondary blast injuries are from flying projectiles
tertiary blast injuries are from what impact with another object
The leading edge of the blast wave is called the blast front
The phase of an explosion in whicvh there is a pressure front higher then atmospheric pressure posative wave pulse
the phase of an explosion where the pressure is less then atmospheric negative wave pulse
what does a shock wave do in under water explosions as compared to air expolsions it travels at greater velocity
what organs are most susceptibleto pressure changes Air-containing organs like the middle ear, lungs and GI tract
what are the most common cause of death from blast injuries neurologic injuries and head trauma
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