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Singles of 1953

Music - Chart Singles of 1953

Faith Can Move Mountains Nat King Cole
Make It Soon Tony Brent
Outside Of Heven Eddie Fisher
The Glow Worm Mills Brothers
Faith Can Move Mountains Jimmy Young
Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes Perry Como and The Ramblers
Vanessa Ted Heath and His Music
Got You On My Mind Tony Brent
Everything I Have Is Yours Eddie Fisher
Now Al Martino
She Wears Red Feathers Guy Mitchell
Broken Wings Stargazers
Broken Wings Art and Dotty Todd
Broken Wings Dickie Valentine
Wonderful Copenhagen Danny Kaye
Why Don't You Believe Me? Joni James
( How Much Is ) That Doggie In The Window? Lita Roza
All The Time And Everywhere Dickie Valentine
The Girl In The Wood Frankie Laine
Night Train Buddy Morrow
( How Much Is ) That Doggie In The Window? Patti Page
Oh Happy Day Johnston Brothers
Little Red Monkey Frank Chacksfield's Tunesmiths
I Believe Frankie Laine
Ma Says Pa Says Doris Day and Johnnie Ray
Somebody Stole My Gal Johnnie Ray
Full Time Job Doris Day and Johnnie Ray
Pretty Little Black Eyed Susie Guy Mitchell
Side By Side Kay Starr
Pretend Nat King Cole
Downhearted Eddie Fisher
In A Golden Coach (There's A Heart Of Gold) Billy Cotton And His Band
Tell Me A Story Jimmy Boyd And Frankie Laine
Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Muriel Smith
Terry's Theme From 'Limelight' Ron Goodwin
Coronation Rag Winifred Atwell
I'm Walking Behind You Eddie Fisher with Sally Sweetland
Terry's Theme From 'Limelight' Frank Chacksfield
The Song From The Moulin Rouge Mantovani
In A Golden Coach (There's A Heart Of Gold) Dickie Valentine
The Windsor Waltz Vera Lynn
I'm Walking Behind You Dorothy Squires
Hot Toddy Ted Heath and His Music
Rachel Al Martino
Bushel And A Peck Vivian Blaine
Seven Lonely Days Gisele MacKenzie
Let's Walk That-A-Way Doris Day and Johnnie Ray
Say You're Mine Again June Hutton and Axel Stordahl With The Boys Next Door
Can't I? Nat King Cole
Eternally Jimmy Young
Look At That Girl Guy Mitchell
Where The Winds Blow Frankie Laine
Mother Nature And Father Time Nat King Cole
Kiss Dean Martin
Flirtation Waltz Winifred Atwell
The Bridge Of Sighs David Whitfield
Hey Joe Frankie Laine
Answer Me David Whitfield
Swedish Rhapsody Mantovani
Poppa Piccolino Diana Decker
Dragnet Ted Heath And His Music
Answer Me Frankie Laine
Chicka Boom Guy Mitchell
Wish You Were Here Eddie Fisher
Vaya Con Dios Les Paul and Mary Ford
Crying In The Chapel Lee Lawrence
Created by: Scodomk