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CPN Labs/Math/#'s

CPN Labs & Math & number stuff minus milestones

Birth Length 20 inches
First year growth 10 inches
Second year growth 5 inches
Each year from 3rd year until puberty growth 2.5 inches
Birth length doubles at 4 years
Half of adult height 2 years
Obese greater than or equal to 95%
Overweight 85-95%
Underweight 5%
Birth weight doubles 6 months
Birth weight triples 1 year
Normal Hemoglobin 11.5-14.5 g/dl
Normal ANC >2500
ANC calculation (Bands+Segs)% X true WBC
HcbA1c goal 7
Normal blood glucose 80-120 mg/dl
Precocious puberty boys 9 years
Precocious puberty caucasian girls 7 years
Precocious puberty african-american girls 6 years
Hourly maintenance fluid calculation 4-2-1 Method
Hourly maintenance fluid calculation 1st 10 kg 4 ml/kg
Hourly maintenance fluid calculation 2nd 10 kg 40 ml+2/kg
Hourly maintenance fluid calculation additional kg 60 ml+1 ml/kg
Daily maintenance fluid calculation Hourly X 25
Normal Sodium 130-150
pH range 7.35-7.45
Serum HCO3 22-26 mEq/L
pediatric PaCO2 35-45
Mild head injury GCS 13-15
Moderate head injury GCS 9-12
Severe head injury GCS less than or equal to 8
How much post void volume is indicative of neurogenic bladder? >20 ml
Blood lead level concern greater than or equal to 5
Blood lead level requiring treatment greater than or equal to 45
Half life of lead 10 months
Blood lead level needs lead chelation therapy greater than or equal to 45
Blood lead level needs immediate hospitalization for chelation therapy greater than or equal to 70
Live flu vaccine for 6-23 months or under 5 with asthma or wheezing in the past year
MMR has how many doses 2
Live vaccine side effects occur in 2-4 weeks
Kawasaki disease treatment is key within first 10 days
Wean opiods if patient on for more than 5-10 days
hot water heater setting 120 degrees
safe sleep pacifier for first 6 months
reflexes are present a birth and disappear by 4 months
babinski reflex disappears within 2 years
first tooth appears 6 months
anemia screening begins 12 months
How many teeth does a school age child typically lose and replace each year? 4 per year until age 12
School age should drink how many cups of skim milk per day 2-3
Maximum amount of milk a toddler should drink in 24 hours 24 ounces
How much juice should a 6-12 month old consume in a day 4-6 ounces
finger foods 6-7 months
sippy cup introduced 6 months
earliest age for food introduction 4 months but ideally 6 months
how many deciduous teeth should be present by age 3 20
Created by: iTwiz
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