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Middle East Geo

Potash a mineral used to process wool and make fertilizers, glass and soap
Magnesium a light metal used in the aerospace industry
Oasis An area of water and vegetation located in arid regions
Dynasty Line of hereditary rulers, There have been several in this region including the Mongols, Turks and Safavid
Sultans The term for King in the Turkish empire After the 1700’s the British took control of this region until after WWII
Effects of Holocaust Lead to Zionism or the belief amount Jews that they should have a nation of their own
Islam the predominate religion in the region
Sunni A denomination of Islam who choosetheir Imams or religious leaders
Shi’ism This denomination only allow decedents of the profit Muhammad to become an imam
Kurds A third major denomination of Islam
Bedouins Nomadic hearers and traders, recently these people have been moving into cities to take jobs
OPEC Major oil cartel in the middle east that sets production limits for oil
Ayatollahs Highest leaders in Shia Islam, in 1979 they took control of the government in Iran
Theocracy A government that is controlled by religious leaders
Secular Systems apart from religion, this is an issue in Turkey
Souks An economic district in the Arabic world
Created by: Coach Hilton