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Leadership Final

Leadership in nursing

What is reciprocity? The exchange, recognition, or enforcement of licenses, privileges, or obligations between states of the U.S. or between nations.
What is variance analysis? nursing care based on the care needed.
What is the process of identifying, understanding, and adapting outstanding practices from organizations anywhere in the world to help your organization improve its performance to the best it can be? Benchmarking.
What licensing agent holds us accountable and monitors professional behaviors and wrongdoing? Nurse Practice Act.
Which type of leaders assume that individuals are motivated by external forces, give orders and make decisions for the group, and bear most of the responsibility for the outcomes? Autocratic or authoritarian.
What is a leader? One who enables people to work more effectively together in a state of interdependence.
What is a manager? One who has formal authority to direct the work of a given set of employees; formerly responsible for the quality and the cost of that work.
Who is the nurse manager responsible for? All patients, 24/7.
Which type of leaders ask opinions and assume individuals are motivated by internal forces, make important plans and decisions jointly with staff, and is characterized by guidance from the leader? Participative or democratic.
What are the characteristics of Lassaire-Faire leadership? Assume individuals are motivated by internal forces and should be left alone to complete work; permissive and non-direct; lack of leadership.
What type of nursing is focused on division of labor and tasks that need to be completed? Primary nursing.
What is functional nursing? Task oriented; nurse manager is responsible for making job assignments and roles such as medication nurse, treatment nurse, are part of the functional delivery of care.
What is assault? A threat to harm.
What is battery? Touching another person without their consent.
What refers to an individual's own code for acceptable behaviors? Morals.
What is the definition of ethics? Rightness or wrongness of human behavior; concerned with the motives behind behaviors.
Type of criminal law that is most serious (includes nurse practice act violation). Felony.
Types of criminal laws? Felony, misdemeanor, and juvenile.
What type of law governs nursing practice and includes the state nurse practice act, state BON, and the Good Samaritan Act? Statutory law.
What is common law? A system of law that is derived from judges' decisions.
What type of law includes torts, malpractice, and negligence? Civil law.
Type of civil law that deals with legal or civil wrong carried out by one person against the person or property of another. Tort.
What is a quasi-intentional tort? Usually involves problems in communication that result in damage to a person's infringement of individual rights.
What is nonmaleficence? Principle that requires no harm be done, either deliberately or unintentionally.
What is the purpose of the State BON? To protect the general public.
Created by: norri008