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Pharm T3-missed

Pharm T3missed

Proton Pump Inhib given when 30-60min before meal
Fenofibrate-R PPAR alpha
Cyclosporine highest variability bioavailability, not eliminated in urine, not recycled in GI
When acute rejection doesn't respond to Corticosteroid tx use Muromab CD3
Metformin Tx for TypeIIDM, post [Cr] eval
"honeymoon" phase of TIDM dose 1/2 nl
TIDM the DCCTrial showed that 3+ injection/d-> dec LT complications
LMWH has more predictable Anti-coag response
Highest glucocort v. mineralcort ratio Dexamethasone
Asthma not tx with H1 Antagonist
Nicotinic acid [AntiHyperlipidemic] MOA depends on dec lipolysis and FFA release
Amylin mimetic [pramlintide] peptide sec w/ insulin, inject b4 meal to dec Glu post meal
Acarbose post prandial Hyperglycemia tx
Nicotinic acid [AntiHyperlipidemic] least dependent on Hepatic LDL-R upregulation
Fenofibrate+Nicotinic acid Pt w/TG>500mg/dL, need dec acute Pancreatitis
Ferrous SO4[o] multi-pharm pt w/ anemia Fe<30
Pt 10yr diab hist, fast H-Glu, inj 2x/d, NPH+reg b4 dinner. Problems with low Glu change time of NPH b4 bed
Smoker, essential HTN, LDL 150 w/ Simvastatin, dec to 130 w/ Ezetimibe add to simvastatin
Seasonal allergy on cimetidene [P450 inhibitor] tx w/ Fexofenadin
inc LDL, want pregnancy, Fam Hist MI, essent HTN, dec HDL tx w/ Colesevelam
Hursutism, gingival Hyperplasia, renal transplant AE of Cyclosporin
OsteoArth, inc menses, Hct=31, no ulcer tx w/ Indomethacin
Fe toxicity tx w/ Deferoxamine, not Citrate
inc A1c, SFU+Metformin, favored 'add on" target post meal hyperGlu Exenatide
Allergy, truck driver, Hist-R Antagonist Loratidine
N/V, coffee grounds, peptic ulcer, no H. Pylori tx w/ Omeprazole
inc Cholest, inc K+, dark urine myoglobin, inc CK, AE of Simvastatin
Gout<1.3mg/dL, no urate stone but kidney stone tx w/ Indomethacin
Gout inc Freq and severity, 8mg Ibuprofen+Probenicid
Rapid Anti-coag, prevent DVT in prior Hep-induced Thrombocyt Bivalirubin IV
TIDM, inc risk of hypoGlu, need post-prandial insulin flexibility Subst Lispro for Reg
TIDM, inc risk of hypoGlu, need basal insulin Subst Glargine for NPH
Which AE is there no tolerance to miosis
hypokalemia, HTN, dec renin, HyperCort tx w/ spironolactone
tx w/ Sumatriptan failed acutely-> headache Subst tx w/ Elitriptan[acutely]/TCA amitryptin [prophylaxis]
Thiaolidine+Rosiglitazone inc risk of ht attack, MOA dec insulin Resist and dec FFA
Biguanide/Metformin inhibit Hepatic GNG thru activating AMPK
SFU[glipizide] Ca channle blker and Diuretic interfere with MOA
Metformin does not lead to wt gain or hypoglycemia
Metformin 1st line Type 2 DM
Induction phase of Immunosuppression Corticosteroid, MM, Tacrolimus
Opioids do not activate Glumate[E]-R
Opioids dec Ca conduction, dec cAMP, inc K conduction, activat Gi/o
LMWH require AT III, have a long t1/2, lesser inhib of Thromb, dec thrombocytopenia risk
Anti-Inflammatory inject directly to joint Triamcinolone Acetamide
Flutamide dec Androgen activation at R
Flutamide does not dec 5aReductase, dec FSH/LH/GnRH
Acarbose specifically target post meal HyperGlu in pre-diabetics
Celecoxib tx underlying coz of OA in Pt wit Hx PUD
multi-pharm female w/ anemia FeSO4 IM
Chronic tx for IBD/UC Mesalamine 5-ASA
M. Relaxers given with fentanyl to dec Truncal rigidity
Greatly dec LDL, mild dec TG and vLDL Rosuvastatin
Confirmatory test for Gout v other inflamm dz Colchicine
Metformin AE: inc risk of Metabolic Acidosis, temporary d/c if dye used
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