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Governmental Structures and Specific Parties

What is The PRD? Third Largest Mexican party (Democratic Revolutionary Party) Populist/nationalist. '94 election ran Cardenas- son of famous Cardenas. Regains stregnth when Andres Obrador rallies against PRI's unpopular econ. policies. overcomes internal factionalism.
What is the PRI? Oldest Mexican Party. (Institutional Revolutionary Party) Initially corporatist conglomeration of all Mexican interests. Decline since 80's due to failing oil prices, corruption, election rigging, failed handling of earthquake, privatization.
What is the PAN? National Action Party- opposes centralization and anticlericalism of PRI. Strongest in northern states. Private sector. pro-Catholic.
Until recently, why was political activism outside the major patron-client network rare in Mexico? Traditional response through accomodation- co-opt competition into govt.
What types of groups have increased in recent years in Mexico- and what do they want? Middle-class and urban issues. Women: community services, equal pay- break traditional roles. Religious groups: tolerance for religious education and poverty. Rural orgs: dependence from government and CNC.
What is the CNC? Peasant organization in PRI.
What is the CTM? Union/Labor rep in PRI.
What is the PDP (People's Democratic Party)? Nigerian party formed of G-34 group of leaders who stood up to Abacha (not including Yoruba members of G-34) Dominant.
What is the AD (Alliance for Democracy)? Yoruba Christian party.
What is the ANPP Abacha descendents- multiethnic. Sharia
What happened in 2002 that challenged the hegemony of the three parties of Nigeria? Overturning of INEC's policy that formerly demanded that all parties earn at least five percent of votes in 24/35 states in local gov elections in order to participate in state/federal elections.
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