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Positional notation a system used in roman numerals whereby the position of the numeral signifies its mathematical value.
ss 1/2
I or i. 1
V or v 5
X or x 10
L or l 50
C or c 100
D or d 500
M or m 1000
xxx=30 or 10+ 10 + 10
dc= 600 or 500 + 100
lxvi= 66 or 50+ 10 +5 + 1
ix=9 or 1 subtracted from10
xxxix= 39 0r 30+ (1 subtracted from 10)
xc=90 or 10 subtracted from 100
denominator the bottom or right number in a fraction
numerator the top or left number in a fraction
every fraction can be turned into a decimal by dividing. ex: 7/8=0.875 or 2/10=0.2
how do you find a fraction's reciprocal? flip it. 1/2 will become 2/1
how would you find a whole number reciprocal? put a one over it. ex: 5=1/5
least common denominator smallest possible denominator for an equivalent fractio so that two fractions can be added or subtracted and have to same denominator
how do you find the least common denominator? 4/15+1/5= 4x5(numerator)5x15(denominator on both fractions) 15x1(second denominator). 75 denominator reduce when done
Conversions changing one unit of measure into another so that both amounts remain equal
Variable an unknown value in a mathematical equation
Concentration the strength of a solution as measured by the weight-t0-volume or volume-to -volume measured
milliequivalent (mEq) the unit of measure for electrolytes in a solution
qs ad the quantity to make a prescribed amount
total parenteral nutrition (TPN) administration of all units intravenously, also known as hyper-alimentation
Valence the number of positive or negative charges on an ion
Body Surface area (bsa) a measure used for dosage that is calculated from the height and weight of a person measured in square meters
nonogram a chart showing relationships between measurements
Clarks Rule (for child dose) weight of child/150lb x adult dose= child dose
Young's rule (for child dose) age of child/ age + 12 x adult dose= child dose
Body surface area (child dose) child bsa x adult dose/ average adult bsa= child dose
How do you calculate gross profit? Gross profit = Selling price - Acquisition cost
How do you calculate net profit? Net Profit = Gross profit - Dispensing fee
What is the equation for final volume? Final Volume (FV)= Diluent (D) + Powder Volume (PV)
How would you find powder volume? PV = FV - D
You have a prescription for 100mg of a drug that you have in 250mg/5ml. How many ml do you need? 250mg/5ml = 50mg/ml. multiply to get100mg (so in this case, by two) and do the same for ml. 2ml
what equation would be best for mEq? xml/#mEq=#ml/#mEq, cross multiply mEq, divide by mEq. get ml
A 70% HCl solution has the strength of 35mEQ/ml. How many ml are needed to prepare 50mEq? 35meQ/ml = 50mEq/ml 50/35= 1.428 round up 1.43 ml
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