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Geography SA1

Mid-ocean ridge It is formed when two plates separate under the sea.When the magma reaches the cool seawater it cool and solidifies.
Volcanoes Magma reaches the surface through a vent. When magma reaches the surface it is known as lava.it flows down the side of the volcanoes.I t cools and hardens
Earthquakes Two plates collide causing vibrations (tremors) to rise to the surface.
Fold Mountains When two plates collide , the rocks buckle up into a series of folds
Igneous Rocks When molten magma cools and solidifies on the surface
Plate Movement The core heats the magma in the mantle.This makes convection current which cause the plates to move.
Sedimentary Rocks Remains of plants and animal life under the sea are compressed together.
Metamorphic Rocks Igneous or sedimentary rocks that have been heated or pressured together to make a new rock.
Weathering The break up of rocks without the removal of waste
Erosion The break up of rocks with the removal of waste
Limestone pavement A large area of exposed limestone
Clints The flat are of the limestone pavement
Grikes Deep gashes in the limestone pavement
Stalactites When water containing dissolved limestone drips from the ceiling it leaves tiny deposites of calcites. Overtime they form into stalactites
Stalagmites When the water with calcie drips from the ceiling it spreads out on the cavern floor. Overtime these grow up from the ground to make stalagmites.
Pillars When a stalagmite and stalactite meet each other and make one big pillar
Soil creep A form of mass movement. Downslope movement of soil under he influence of gravity
Landslide When a slope becomes unstable, the material fall downslope due to gravity
Mudflow Mudflows are moving rivers of rocks ,soil and water.
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